The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway Chapter 50 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers!

A unique fantasy romantic tale is waiting for you to come over again and take you into a world full of confusion, worries, and anxieties all around. The series we will be discussing today in our article is the one that will take you to some extremely adventurous relations of love between a couple. They have been married for years, but still, the main pillar of their strength is behind them.

Who are the couple? What is the one pillar lacking? Are they happy together? all of this is answered in the upcoming panels of the article. Also, the main question’s answer I waiting for you in the next panel. What is it? Wait. Along with knowing the plot and spoilers of the upcoming chapters of the series, fans have been crazy to know the release date of the series’ new chapter, and that is what we will tell you as well.

So before even waiting for a moment, let us move ahead quickly and know what is going on in the series and also the release date of its new upcoming chapters. So fasten your seatbelts open your eyes wide, and pick every small point to know, the things hidden behind these small points. Let’s move. 

The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway Chapter 50 Release Date 

The new chapters to this intense fantasy love relationship between the cute couple are scheduled to be released on Thursday, 26th October, 2023 on their official page. The series of new chapters is all set and ready to let you know the scene ahead of what the last chapter 49 ended up with.

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Plot Of The Series

The series The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway is a unique love story between a couple. Generally what we see in a romantic series, is a cute couple ready to blend in the love of each other and shows a cute bond, struggling hard to know each other completely and together crossing all the hurdles that come their way. But this time, it’s different.

Different as the series, holds a different pot of couples who have been married under family pressure, but now for months they have neither loved nor talked to each other. Above all, they both have been indulged in a game of cheating and lying to each other. This takes the breath of the readers. But in the earlier chapters of the series, it was disclosed that they have been trying to finish everything.

Finish the lying game with each other, and starts being loving to each other for the sake of their families. But the question here is will they be able to come back as the earlier ones? Or will they not love and date each other only? Well, anything can happen in their world of fantasy, but what is sure, is to always give you goosebumps and excitement to know what will happen next in the series. 

Spoiler To Chapter 50

As the last chapter 49 begins, we see Senora talking to an unnamed informer telling her the truth about the raid to Perez’s servants. She is been informed by the informer before the real master can do it. The informer says he is telling her so that the captain can take any action to save the servants, but if nothing happens like this, then he will be bound to reveal everything by himself to the world.

Alter we see in the middle of the chapter that Senora and Don Alfonso, sitting opposite each other and discussing some serious topic. They were discussing the topic, which Senora knew earlier than Don could tell her, and she was upset that she wasn’t informed directly and that she heard it from one of the informers. Don then confronts her and says she should not misunderstand him for doing so. But she is all okay with his words.

Later they are seen discussing a woman who is deceiving her partner, and they learn the truth about her. don says though he knows everything about the matter, they were not ready to disclose it int the public and rather keep it a secret and talk and walk as the lady wanted them to, without opposing her decisions which could be dangerous to them as well.

Where You Can Read The Series

The series The Broken Ring: This Marriage Will Fail Anyway Chapter 50 will be available on the Kakao Page or TappyToon

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