I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70 Release Date: Recap, Spoilers & More

We have all read fan fiction, haven’t we? Especially the One Direction fan fiction or Wattpad stories about the stars we stan? Well, I’m Stanning the Prince revolves around a story that started from a fanfiction.

In the manhwa, we get a small example of what actually happens if a fan story reaches the main character of the story in real life. Initially, it gets chaotic but as the story moves forward, things start to become brighter. Otakus has loved how the makers have taken this manhwa forward. A lot of them want to know about the release date of I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70.

I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70 Release Date: Addressing The Hype

Usually romance or entanglement categories go well when a manhwa starts with fresh ideas. Otherwise, when more chapters start to come up, the creators fall short of ideas regarding how to keep the manhwa ongoing. I’m Stanning the Prince now has become an old manhwa. We have received 69 chapters of this manhwa to date. According to the fans and manhwa forums out there, the writers and artists have not yet disappointed them with any chapter of I’m Stanning the Prince. Through all these days, the storyline has gone in a better direction.

The manhwa is about a girl who gets into a hell lot of trouble after her fanfiction about a prince goes viral. She gets into the spotlight of the law just because of this one mistake. But later on, the story improves in the most unexpected and unique ways. I know, this is totally different from the usual romance stories we get in mangas or manhwas. But this is where the plus point of I’m Stanning the Prince lies. It breaks away from the usual trend of monotonous romance stories that lack exciting twists. Otakus and fans are very excited about this manhwa. Most of them are curious about an upcoming chapter.

So, what is I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70 release date? Is a new chapter on the way? Well, we will have a new chapter sooner than you can expect. I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70 release date is 26th October, 2023 in Japan. Otakus will be able to read it on Thursday. The aforementioned release date will be the same in other areas like Korea, Australia, Eastern Indonesia, the United States of America, India, Canada, and Central and Eastern parts of Europe. Everywhere, I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70 release date is on Thursday.

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I’m Stanning the Prince: An Unexpected But Wholesome Entanglement

The manhwa starts with the story of Angela – she was living a normal stress-free life. But her one step made her own life a topsy-turvy ride full of chaos. Angela wrote a fantasy story about the First Prince of the Royal Family. Prince Rayburn was dethroned due to some reason and just during that time, Angela’s fanfiction about him went viral. Angela never ever thought that she would have to face serious repercussions due to some stupid fantasy story she wrote about a Prince. And that too, became a best-selling story within days.

Soon, this reaches the Imperial Family – they become furious at how Angela has weakened Rayburn’s fame. It became embarrassing for Rayburn himself to show his face to the public after the fan fiction went viral. His family wants to file a case of treason against Angela. But she never wanted the story to reach the public but it was sent without her knowledge. Hearing all this, Hoya, Rayburn’s sister wanted to protect Angela from any harm. But on only one condition – Angela must write a second part of the fanfiction so that people admire Prince Rayburn again.

In Chapter 69, we see that Rayburn and Angela meet each other at a restaurant. This meeting was not at all pre-planned by any of them. Angela did not expect Prince Rayburn to appear there straight out of the blue. But the duo have a brief conversation soon. Initially, Angela almost fainted out of palpitations but after that, the air got a little bit lighter. The real twist comes after some time when Angela starts to fall for Prince Rayburn. It was quite shocking for Angela when she discovered that she had deep feelings for Rayburn.

What Can We Get From Chapter 70 And Official Reading Platform 

Since the last chapter ended with Angela catching feelings for Prince Rayburn, the upcoming chapter will definitely start from there. In Chapter 70, we will see how Angela responds to her inner battles. Either she must stay obligated and maintain her role as a fan, or, she will stay by Rayburn’s side and defend his face in front of the public. Angela has to choose what she will do otherwise the relationship will not have a very good ending. But to know what happens next, let us wait till I’m Stanning the Prince Chapter 70 release date is finally here. If you want to read the manhwa, please go to TappyToon.

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