The Devil’s Plan Contestants List: Who is the Ultimate Winner?

Netflix’s latest K-drama, The Devil’s Plan pits twelve contestants against each other and puts their wit to the test. The Genius and Korea’s Got Talent’s director, Jung Jong-yeon, has helmed this psychological reality show and hand-picked twelve wizards to add spice to his script. He isolated them entirely for twelve days to skyrocket the level of competition and challenge their sagacity. In these twelve days, producer-director Jong-yeon has put the participants under extreme psychological strain and delivered an enigmatic show. It is due to those intense games and emotions that The Devil’s Plan stands as a pioneer in Netflix’s catalogue.

Jong-yeon has conjured what is best described as a warfare of wits. The game revolves around “pieces”, which are awarded, traded and lost throughout the Main Match. With two main contests–the Prize Match and Main Match–looming above their heads, the contestants have to survive an intense psychological hassle and garner the maximum amount of “pieces”.

Now that the finale episode has hit our screens, questions regarding The Devil’s Plan’s contestants are garnering traction. The Internet is awash with such questions and thousands of fans are yearning to learn more about the participants. So, if you, too, are left wondering the same, here is the curated list!

12. Guillaume Patry

Guillaume Patry

A Canadian StarCraft professional, Patry is renowned by his alias “Grrr…” and for his trailblazing impact on the sport. He emerged as a world champion in 1999 and became the first foreigner to be featured in the Korean StarCraft Hall of Fame. However, he took an early retirement from the sport in 2004 after migrating to Korea. He then began pursuing Protoss and began inventing “cheesy” strategies. Guillaume is also the recipient of the Hanaro OSL and holds numerous such accolades to his name. After his voluntary retirement, Patry tried his hand at investing in bitcoins, playing poker and becoming a restaurant entrepreneur. He also began pursuing acting as a career and starred in several variety shows including Where Is My Friend’s Home and Abnormal Summit.

He was living as an “ordinary member of a company” when Jong-yeon invited him to join The Devil’s Plan. According to him, Patry is “excellent at unconventional attacks and he’s calm even in crisis.” However, the Begin a Game star couldn’t endure the psychological manipulation and ended up becoming the first to be eliminated.

11. Lee Hye-sung

Lee Hye-sung

Renowned as a television personality due to her immense contribution to Korean cinema, Hye-Sung holds multiple accolades under her belt. She has participated in several shows and hosted an equal number including Love Mafia and It’s OK to be Uncomfortable. The Wild Wild Quiz star is also a social media celebrity and freelance announcer. She graduated from the Seoul National University with business administration as her major. Lee, 30, is bilingual and was a studious topper who would “study 16 hours a day” as per Netflix.

Her theorotical knowledge aside, Hye Sung also harbours a sleek-sharp mulling power. Though she refrains from manipulation and isn’t as competitive as the rest of the contestants, the Our Neighbourhood Class actress has proved herself to be strong-willed and resilient. However, she couldn’t stick long to the game plan and lost all her pieces on the third day.

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10. Kim Dong-jae

Kim Dong-jae

Another non-celebrity who has excelled in Jong-yeon’s written test, Dong-jae is a 25-year-old professional poker player. Though he is still a student at the School of Biomedical Sciences and has a keen interest in the field of biology, Kim also harbours an unyielding fascination towards psychological games. Due to the same, he answered Jung’s open-casting call and scored a “perfect score”. He was immediately invited to the cast ensemble of The Devil’s Plan.

“Kim Dong Jae received the perfect score on the written test for the public [non-celebrity] screening and because he’s a non-celebrity, he has an unpredictable charm,” Jung mentioned in a pre-screening interview. Dong-Jae demonstrated commendable–and often unpredictable–charisma, resolution and wit. He brought along a nearly perfect poker face with him. However, despite the same, he was unable to compete beyond Day 2, having lost all of his pieces.

9. Cho Yeon-woo

Cho Yeon-woo

A professional GO player, Cho Yeon-woo is one of the most prudent players of The Devil’s Plan. She harbours an analytical approach to problems and can easily crack any behavioural and psychological question. The impeccable strategist harbours two distinct degrees from Dubai and Singapore universities. The 34-year-old also possesses a strong social media presence and is a poignant influencer.

Due to her expertise in the popular Asian game, Go, which is akin to chess, Yeon-woo was able to secure her position in the top 6. She successfully weaved through all the traps laid by Jong-yeon but couldn’t secure her “pieces” in the end. Eventually, she had to content herself with becoming the eighth runner-up.

8. Lee Si-won 

Lee Si-won 

With over a dozen cinematic credits to her name, Lee Si-won stands firm as both a television personality and influencer. She is best known for her role in 2017’s Queen of Mystery and 2020’s Tell Me What You Saw. Si-won is a Business Administration graduate from Seoul National University and is an avid philanthropist. She is also an inventor and has nearly a dozen patents to her name. Moreover, she harbours a deep understanding of the complex and vibrant aspects of life. Due to her extensive experience with a spectrum of diverse people, Si-won has built a calm and focused mindset. 

Though the bilingual actress initially comes off as meek, she is well-equipped to deal with manipulation. Due to the same, Si-won managed to compete in the game head-on. Lee displayed commendable endurance and a sense of serenity throughout the week but eventually lost.

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7. Park Kyung-lim

Park Kyung-lim

A South Korean entertainer, Park Kyung-lim is renowned for being the host of a plethora of widely successful shows. From hosting Music Bank in 2005 to Netflix’s Ultimate Beastmaster in 2016, Park harbours extensive experience in the industry. Apart from her acting talent, she is also renowned for her snarky comments and quick thought process. She is also a comedian and talented actress boasting a degree in Film and Acting from the New York Film Academy School. She returned to Korea after her graduation and delivered compelling television series such as The Musical and Cute or Crazy.

Kyung-lim has demonstrated an uncanny willingness to participate in any game thrown her way. She has also affirmed her strategic mindset and proved that the rumours regarding her kind nature are all true. Park, despite being one of the most influential figures in the series, had to content herself with becoming the sixth runner-up.

6. Boo Seung-kwan

Boo Seung-kwan

The K-pop idol, Boo Seung-kwan is better known by his stage name, Seungkwan and for his delectable taste in music. The Still You’s singer is a member of the internationally recognized band, Seventeen. Seung-kwan has amplified the level of intrigue with his upbeat personality. He brings contagious enthusiasm to the game along with exceptional endurance. Though Boo has signed up for such a complex game for the first time, The Devil’s Plan isn’t his first reality show. He has participated in the renowned Korean variety shows Prison Life of Fools, Idol Dictation Contest and Unexpected Q.

Seung-kwan has been notorious for his enigmatic personality. But now, he has demonstrated a far more intense shade of his personality. He has survived the perilous moments and emerged as the fifth runner-up after competing with Seo Yoo-min.

5. Seo Yoo-min

Seo Yoo-min

A non-celebrity, unlike most of the cast ensemble, Seo Yoo-min is an orthopaedic surgeon. She is the first out of the contestants who secured their place in the show through an open-recruitment process. She has established herself as an authoritative figure ever since she graduated from NYU medical school. As a passionate doctor, currently in her third year of residency, Yoo-min has devoted most of her early 20s to community service. Seo, now 31, has connected with thousands of people and though she is an orthopaedic surgeon, she has been able to gauge the human mindset exceptionally.

Yoo-min is a multilingual American resident, who responded to Jong-yeon’s open casting call and proved herself to be highly competent. As per, PD Jung, “Seo Yoo Min, who is fluent in Korean, English, and Spanish, will show an unexpected charm with her immense passion that even brought her [to Korea] from the U.S.” Beyond being charming, Yoo-min has also established herself as enduring and is suscept to manipulation. Due to her stoicism, she has been able to secure the fifth spot in the debut season of The Devil Plan. Eventually, she lost to Seo Dong-joo by a hefty disbalance in the proportion of “pieces”.

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4. Kwak Joon-bin

Kwak Joon-bin

A passionate Korean YouTuber, Kwak Joon-bin is renowned as KwakTube as a tribute to his unyielding devotion towards his fans. Reportedly, Joon-bin harbours over a million subscribers on his YouTube channel and has emerged as a popular social media influencer. The ardent travel YouTuber has been to 30 countries and has documented his entire experience on his account. He covers the intricacies of every location he visits including the culture, food and traditions. His unique approach to sharing his experience has propelled the growth of his digital footprint.

Joon-bin, 30, can fluently speak multiple languages including Russian, English and Korean. He graduated from the Busan University of Foreign Studies with a major in Russian language and trade. After his graduation, Kwak joined the Embassy of Azerbaijan. However, he soon quit his day job to pursue his true passion and became a YouTuber in 2020. In three mere years, he has skyrocketed his fan following and joined the cast list of The Devil’s Plan with fervency

His travel experience has propelled his communication skills and endurance strength. Due to the same, Joon-bin has been able to bear extensive pressure and manipulation. He kept all of his pieces secured tightly until the very last day of the game. However, Kwak lost at the last moment and emerged as the third runner-up.

3. Seo Dong-joo

Seo Dong-joo

Boasting four degrees to her name, Seo Dong-joo is a Korean lawyer, writer, podcaster and business enthusiast. She is the daughter of a renowned model, Seo Jeong-hee, and is based in America. Dong-joo is an Arts graduate from Wellesley University and harbours a degree in Business Administration from the University of Pennsylvania. Moreover, the philanthropic lawyer has a degree in Mathematics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a law degree from the University of San Francisco. Reportedly, Dong-joo harbours a variety of skills beyond her degrees such as manipulation and analysis.

The witty lawyer has surpassed the majority of the contestants in The Devil’s Plan. She has emerged as the first runner-up of Season 1. Dong-joo harboured 11 pieces in the semi-finale and lost due to being 3 pieces behind Orbit.

2. Kwedo (Orbit)

Kwedo (Orbit)

Originally a YouTuber, passionate about everything Astronomy and science-related, Kwedo is renowned by his alias, Orbit. His channel, Unrealscience, boasts over 91 lakh subscribers as of October 2023 and is his primary focus. He is renowned for demystifying several myths and decoding the truth behind numerous rumours in a scientific manner. Kwedo harbours a major in Astronomy and recently began pursuing a different and pivotal career trajectory. He recently served as a commentator and has hosted several live rocket launches.

Orbit previously worked as a policy consultant for the Blue House which is similar to the White House and serves as South Korea’s presidential residence. However, he soon switched his career and began pursuing YouTube as his primary target. Kwedo has also appeared in numerous television programs and fostered a keen eye for detail. His analytical thinking, paired with a scientific approach to every concept has enabled him to strategize his next move efficiently.

“Kwedo will demonstrate a high understanding of any game with his scientific thinking and analysis and will prove that games are also science,” Jung-yeon mentioned in the prescreening interview. His words proved to be true since Orbit signified an uncanny ability to endure any psychological trap and pressure. Eventually, he lost to Ha Seok-jin by eight “pieces” and emerged as the first runner-up.

1. Ha Seok-jin

Ha Seok-jin

The 2008 SBS Drama Award winner for his notable contribution to the K-drama, I am Happy, Seok-jin is both an actor and a Mechanical Engineer. After serving his due military service, Ha returned to Hanyang University to complete his education. He initially declined his friend’s offer of pursuing acting, who was already working at an entertainment agency. However, the Boss in the Mirror star soon picked up his friend’s offer and dipped his foot into the entertainment industry by featuring in an advertisement.

Despite studying mechanical engineering, he began pursuing acting as a passion project. Soon, he graduated and decided to continue with acting. Ever since his debut series, Sad Love Story premiered in 2005, Seok-jin has become a household name in Korean television. He has also hosted numerous shows including Suspicious Neighbor, Local Dining Table and The Dreamers.

He was invited by Jung-yeon due to his exceptional score during his college entrance exams which only 1% have been able to secure. The 41-year-old television personality proved the reason why he was able to sneak into that 1%. Seok-jin stands as the proud winner of The Devil’s Plan Season 1, having won the battle of wits alongside 500 million won–the Korean currency.

The Devil’s Plan Contestants List: FAQs 

1. What is The Devil’s Plan Series About?

It is a reality game show in which twelve contestants compete against each other to secure their “pieces”.

2. Who is the Creator of The Devil’s Plan Series?

The series is helmed by Jung Jong-yeon.

3. Who is Orbit?

Kwedo AKA Orbit is a science YouTuber, former policy consultant and currently, the runner-up of The Devil’s Plan.

4. Who is the Winner of The Devil’s Plan Series?

The Korean actor, Ha Seok-jin won The Devil’s Plan Season 1.

5. Is a Trailer Available For The Devil’s Plan Season 1?

Yes, there is a trailer available for The Devil’s Plan Season 1.

6. Where to Watch The Devil’s Plan Series?

You can stream the series on Netflix.

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