Libera Me Chapter 21 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap & More

It’s necessary to undergo pain in order to grow in life. But if the same pain continues to be there for lifetimes, then will it not be normal for someone to lose all hope? I guess it will be. Libera Me tells us a sad tale of despair.

The story revolves around the sad life of a girl. She loses her parents in the initial days and even after that, she gets used by people around her for the rest of her life. When the manhwa was published first, fans started to show their interest after some time passed. Now, after some chapters, the manhwa has managed to gain a good number of fans. They want to know about the possible release date of Libera Me Chapter 21.

Libera Me Chapter 21 Release Date: Everything We Know

People like me usually prefer action sequences and good fight scenes in the manhwa or mangas I want to read. In fact, a lot of the otakus do this too. But manhwas are not only limited to them. Often, manhwas have the capability to tell us sad and heartbreaking stories. They often tell the story of characters who stay in our minds forever. Libera Me is such a manhwa – its tale is a complex mixture of sadness, despair, romance, and attachment. However, the main theme of the manhwa will be sadness if you consider the main character’s point of view.

The plot revolves around the life of a girl. She has experienced sadness in her life since she was a child. Even after getting home, she could not be happy and enjoy her life. As we read more chapters, we get to know how much unfortunate she is. If you have not read the manhwa till now, please stop worrying. We have got it covered for you here and we will also let you know about the probable spoilers of the upcoming chapter. For now, let me inform you more regarding that before jumping onto the storyline. So, what is Libera Me Chapter 21 release date? Will this upcoming chapter get delayed anyhow?

I do not think that there will be any type of delay in publishing the 20th chapter. We are in a very vital stage of this manhwa and the chapters will publish accordingly. Libera Me Chapter 21 release date is 9th October 2023 in Korea. You will get it on Monday there. This will remain the exact same for people from Japan, Korea, Indonesia, the Central and Eastern parts of Europe, Australia, and the Philippines. However, if you are from New York by any chance, let me tell you beforehand. There, Libera Me Chapter 21 release date is 8th October 2023. You will get the upcoming chapter on Sunday.

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Libera Me: A Heart-Wrenching Tale Of A Girl

Since you have already gone through the first parts of our article here, I will not repeat the backgrounds of our story. Libera Me features the life of Shurielle, a poor little girl. She is a survivor of war but she has lost both of her parents. Due to this, Shurielle grew up in and around a temple since she was an orphan. As days passed, she kept on experiencing sadness and despair as a lonely human. One day, her loneliness came to an end as Duchess Luke took her with her. She adopted Shurielle and gave her a new home.

But the main reason behind this adoption was something that was cruel. Shurielle thought she would have a good life but soon she found out that she was adopted only to serve as a sex slave. Shurielle must dress up as Charlotte, the dead lover of the Emperor. Initially, she could accept it but suddenly Charlotte came back – she was alive and now, the Emperor threw her away. This exact same life cycle kept happening – Shurielle could not escape this loop of misfortune after five rebirths. She tries to come out of it, but the Emperor stops her from leaving.

In Chapter 20, we see Shurielle having some difficulty to stand up. She was in a horse carriage all this time and the drivers must have intoxicated her somehow. Shurielle tried her best to fight it but soon, she lost all consciousness. She woke up dizzy and with a heavy head. Surprisingly she found herself inside the palace. But as Shurielle started to gain her senses, she understood that this palace was far away from the city. She was isolated and locked up. The servants inform her that the Emperor will arrive soon.

What Can We See In Chapter 21 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

The last chapter ended with a surprise for Shurielle. She thought she would have a normal ride but ended up being locked away in a surprisingly locked palace. It was none but the Emperor’s men who did this job. In Chapter 21, Shurielle wakes up from the middle of her sleep. Then, she spots the Emperor sitting on a chair close to the bed. He wants Shurielle to be the mother of his child. Despite the fact that his lover, Charlotte is now back, the Emperor wants Shurielle instead of her.

This might not be a casual wish from him. When Shurielle expresses her concerns, the Emperor reveals that he actually wants her to be there beside him. However, what happens next will only be revealed after Libera Me Chapter 21 release date is finally here. If you want to read the manhwa, please visit the PocketComics site by clicking here.

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