You Are My Desire Chapter 22 Release Date, Preview & Spoilers

Have you ever tried to be someone you were not? Have you ever tried to pretend in front of someone and later on you both caught each other pretending? You Are My Desire is a manhua that features such a hilarious as well as heartwarming story of two people.

This manhua revolves around the life of two rich kids. Both of them start to pretend in front of each other but gradually, they catch each other off-guard. In fact, they develop feelings for one another in the end. Such a sweet story has attracted a lot of Manhua readers. A lot of them are excited – they want to know about the release date and spoilers of You Are My Desire Chapter 22.

You Are My Desire Chapter 22 Release Date

Usually, nowadays we get to see a lot of stories in manhuas that belong to the same category. Reincarnation and regression have become a trend these days. Most of the mangas and manhuas feature this genre of plots. But in this manhua, the author and illustrators have developed a heart-touching storyline. You Are My Desire is a pretty new production from the creators. To date, we have 21 chapters of this manhua. I don’t think that anyone from the communities was disappointed with what the creators gave us through all these chapters.

You Are My Desire features the life of two students. They are pretending to be someone who they are actually not. If you are speculating about the plot and the ending from now on, then you have not read the manhua yet. So do not worry at all because, in this article, we are going to have a detailed discussion about the plot and possible spoilers of this upcoming chapter. But for now, let us focus on the main topic. Readers were excited and they wanted to know official information regarding this. So, what is You Are My Desire Chapter 22 release date?

Is there any possibility for this new chapter to get delayed somehow? It is kind of common for new mangas or manhuas to be delayed, but as of now, we don’t think it will happen. You Are My Desire Chapter 22 release date is 7th October, Saturday. This date is for Korea, Japan, and Australia. Other than these parts of the world, India, London, Canada, Singapore, the Philippines, and the United States of America, have different release schedules. For them, You Are My Desire Chapter 22 release date is 6th October, 2023. In these places, the upcoming chapter will release on Friday.

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You Are My Desire Chapter 22: A Sweet High School Romance Story

Since you have already gone through the introduction of our article, you must have understood what the manhua is all about. Our storyline revolves around the lives of two rich people – Shen Wan and Lin Yujing. They come from very rich families and they are used to extremely posh lifestyles. But the intriguing part of this story is how they behave. Both Shen Wan and Lin Yujing constantly try to hide their wealthy conditions from one another. They try their best to pretend – they act as if they belong to the normal middle-class strata of people.

But one day, both of them met each other in the office of the school. They are doing a drama to blend in with other people in the school. Just after a few seconds of meeting, Shen Wan turned his face away and headed for his own path. Simultaneously, Lin Yujing also turned away from her face to make her way towards her destination. As Shen Wan started to leave in his private chopper, Lin Yujing stepped inside her Rolls Royce. Both of them go to their own destinations after an exhausting drama session of trying to be poor in front of others.

In Chapter 20, there is a self-study session going on in the classroom – Lin Yujing is trying to try her best to play the game of shooting. But for some reason, her classmates start to scold Lin. Shen Wan now comes to the scene – he wants some information about the shooting game from the team. But everyone ignores him. This becomes a moment of retrospection for Shen Wan. He understands that no matter how good he looks, just because of his dark brooding nature, people get scared to talk to him.

What Can We See In Chapter 22 And Official Reading Platform Of This Manhua

The last chapter ended with the self-study session we saw. In Chapter 22, Lin Yujing will be going to play the game and this time, Fu Mingxiu is going to be her teammate. We might see Shen Wan joining the team to play the shooting game. Our protagonist is probably feeling jealous since Lin Yujing is playing the game with other guys. But there’s a huge spoiler other than all these.

Shen Wan is most probably a national-level shooter. He is a skilled athlete who has high accuracy in his delivery. But for some reason, Shen Wan has stopped being a professional. Unless You Are My Desire Chapter 22 release date is actually here, we will not be able to find out what actually happens. If you want to read this manhua, please go to the official Kuaikan Manhua website by clicking here.

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