Blue Lock Chapter 238: Release Date & Spoilers

If you are a football fanatic and an otaku, you must have heard about Blue Lock. The manga became more famous after Japan achieved its prestigious position in the FIFA World Rankings.

The story revolves around a training session that is necessary to build top-class football players in Japan. People who are fans of this manga and other otakus are quite excited about every chapter that comes out. Now, a lot of them are curious about the release dates of Blue Lock Chapter 238.

Blue Lock Chapter 238: Release Date Of The New Chapter 

Sports mangas are one of the best kinds in the world. Not only do we get to see excellent action sequences, but also we get well-planned character arcs. You don’t even have to be an otaku to like these mangas. Anyone who likes sports will instantly fall in love with the mangas. And one of the best sports mangas out there is Blue Lock, no doubt. In this article, we will talk about Blue Lock Chapter 238.

The story of Blue Lock revolves around footballers in Japan going through a training session. This is necessary for them and without completing, the players will not be able to compete in any football tournament in their life. The manga gets its popular title from the name of this same program. You must have noticed that how Blue Lock has released over two hundred chapters over the years. And to be accurate, we have got 237 chapters of this manga. The writers and illustrators have not disappointed us – the otakus have loved how the story has progressed so far.

No matter how many mangas pop up in the sports genre, Blue Lock will always be on top of the list. A lot of the manga readers are asking about the upcoming chapter. So, what is Blue Lock Chapter 238 release date? Since many of you are locked on to this, let me tell you. Blue Lock Chapter 238 release date is 25th October 2023 in Japan. Although the time might differ for some other places in the world. The aforementioned date will be same for other regions namely India, Moscow, the United States of America, Singapore, Philippines, Canada, New York, Chicago, Australia, Eastern and Central parts of Europe.

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Blue Lock: The Struggle For Going To The Top

Buru Rokku, more popularly known as Blue Lock is one of the most popular Japanese shonen mangas. Before going on with the recap of the last chapter, if you are new and haven’t yet read the manga, let me tell you. Blue Lock is actually a well-planned fitness program by the Football Association of Japan. They introduced it after Japan National Team rose to number 16 in Fifa’s official ranking chart. They didn’t let this massive success go to waste completely. Ego Jinpachi is one of the legendary football players in Japan.

Under his guidance, this Blue Lock fitness regime chooses talented football players. They undergo a strict routine that consists of training modules and skill development programs. If any footballer fails to complete Blue Lock, they will be restricted from playing football again. Footballers who will be successful will add new skills and accolades. The main goal of Ego Jinpachi and the association is to promote their talents and help them become legendary strikers in the field. In chapter 237, we are drawn into the rivalry between Ubers and Munchen.

This match holds a huge importance because this will mark a significant ending. We will no longer see Hiori playing football after this. According to Isagi, if they want to win, the players must consider Hiori as the key to winning their match. The Bastard Munchen team was struggling to shine in this match against Ubers. In this situation, Hiori was the one who took his skills to the next level. Hiori managed to dodge efficient players like Niko or Lorenzo and dominated the Ubers like a pro. Isagi might have a good chance to score his much-awaited goal against the Ubers.

What Can We Get From Chapter 238 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manga

For the last 10 chapters, we saw how Isagi was struggling to score his goal. No matter how hard he tried, he kept failing in front of the Ubers’ defense line. In Blue Lock Chapter 238, we can see Isagi executing a bicycle kick to score his goal. Although Ubers players keep on covering Hiori up to guard him, the duo will show amazing sportsmanship and take Bastard Munchen to the top. But for now, let us focus on the last chapter. It will be better to stop speculating anything more and wait till Blue Lock Chapter 238 release date is here for us. If you want to read the manga, please check out Kodansha.

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