Is Spy x Family Manga Finished? Will It End Soon?

Mangas usually have a wholesome run if they have a good storyline. Imagine a manga that features the life of a spy and various plot twists that keep happening in his life. Spy x Family is one such manga that has attracted a lot of otakus. Is Spy x Family Manga finished?

The storyline revolves around a spy who happens to be the main character of the manga. He leads a pretty secretive lifestyle but one mission changed his life forever. If you have not read it yet, in this article, you will find a detailed discussion on it later. Many of the manga readers were asking – is Spy x Family Manga finished? In this article, we will talk about that.

Is Spy x Family Manga Finished? Considering The Possibilities

In our daily lives, if you think about complications, it’s not good for us. But when it comes to stories, or more specifically, mangas and manhwas, complexities attract more readers. Unless there is a plot that keeps us glued to our tablet screens desperately longing for one more chapter, why will people keep reading it? And this is one of the main reasons why a manga gains a higher position. Stories that have gripping or complex plots always attract more readers. Take Blue Lock as the most popular and relatable example.

The manga has published over two hundred chapters and soon, it will cross three hundred chapters. This is solely because of the good plot and the creators know how to attract more readers. Spy x Family has had two seasons till now – if you are an otaku, you must be aware of how people are going crazy over the third season of Spy x Family anime. The manga title is making headlines on almost every social media platform (mainly X and Reddit). How a spy gets trapped inside a family life just for the sake of his mission has attracted a lot of readers and otakus.

In fact, people are very excited about the manga. But to some, the tenth edition was the final one. So, is Spy x Family Manga finished? Was season 2 the final run for the manga? Well, let me tell you in detail. No, Spy x Family is not finished yet. The manga is an ongoing one. The ten editions are here and as of now, the author and illustrators have no will to stop the production. There is no official ending date for Spy x Family manga. The last edition was released on 17th October 2023. There are some more editions of Spy x Family that might be coming on our way.

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Spy x Family: Storyline Of The Manga

Is Spy x Family Manga Finished

Ostania and Westalis are two of the biggest nations of the world. And due to some issues, these nations will be at war with each other if something small goes off. Donovan Desmond is a man who belongs to the team of nationalists. These people reside in Ostania and they are using this situation to defeat Westalis. Donovan wants to break the nation from its very within so that only they can run the government once the dust settles down. Ostania and Westalis are usually at peace, but due to these nationalists, the situation is growing worse day by day.

So, Agent Twilight gets the job of keeping an eye on Donovan. He is a top-class spy who works for agencies in need. But the real twist comes afterward – Agent Twilight will not even be successful in his mission unless he is a father. Yes, you are reading this right. Donovan has two sons and they study in a private school. The only way Agent Twilight can get even one step closer to Donovan is by enrolling his son in the same school. So, he fakes his name as Loid Forger, fakes his marriage with a girl called Yor Briar, and adopts Anya, a child.

This is a fake family and for Agent Twilight, it starts to be heavily problematic. The child they adopted, Anya, is not a normal child. She is a mind reader and will know everything that someone is thinking in front of her. Yor Briar is also not your regular housewife. She is an expert tactical assassin. Briar is extremely good with her mercenary skills. Three people have their own secret identities but not even in one instance, they have used them against themselves. The three of them also adopted an adorable dog who happens to be a great addition to the family.

Will Spy x Family Call It Quits One Day? What Is The Official Reading Platform?

Of course, everything must come to an end and so will every manga. Right now, there are ten editions on the market and I don’t think the authors or illustrators have any plan to end Spy x Family this soon. The last edition, that is the tenth edition of the manga came out this October. 

If everything goes right, the eleventh edition of Spy x Family will come out at the end of this year, or in the first part of 2024. So, if you are worried and you are asking, is Spy x Family Manga finished, the answer is no. If you want to read the manga, please check out VIZ.

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