The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Release Date: Recap & Spoilers

Being a professional gamer must be hard right? You will have to keep up with your competitors, you will have to research trending titles in order to stay relevant. What if one day, the real world needs you? The Tutorial is Too Hard has a similar kind of story.

The plot is about an online gamer who falls off and gets bored with his own career as a professional gamer. But soon, one day, he gets a chance to show off his tactics in person for the sake of the world. How he manages to live and save others is an exciting story. The manga has managed to attract a lot of otakus with its unique plot. A lot of people have read it and now, they want to know about the release date of The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 136.

The Tutorial Is Too Hard Chapter 136 Release Date: When Is It Coming?

Mangas that have an attractive and well-defined plot are always successful. These types of productions have more than a hundred chapters. Unless you are absolutely a newbie in the world of manga and manhwas, you are supposed to know this all. In fact, in some cases, if a manga is successful enough, it crosses even two hundred chapters. Take Blue Lock as a popular example – the artists and writers have invested so much passion behind it, that the manga has reached the status of being one of the most successful mangas to ever exist.

The Tutorial is Too Hard is also a similarly successful manga. If you are interested in the science fiction genre of movies or series, you will be able to relate to it. You must have seen some plots where gamers have to fight as real soldiers or mercenaries. The stories where instead of being in the game, the enemies have transferred to the real world. Well, The Tutorial is Too Hard presents us with a similar story where the main character has to depend on his gaming skills in order to survive in the real world. A lot of the fans of this manga were wondering – what is The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 136 release date?

Will Chapter 136 be the final chapter of this manga? Well, if you are one of those otakus who loved The Tutorial is Too Hard, we definitely have some good news for you. No, the manga is definitely not ending this soon. There are a lot of character arcs that need to be resolved. The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 136 release date is 24th October 2023. Otakus will get the new chapter on Tuesday. The release schedule for Chapter 136 will remain the same for regions like Korea, Japan, India, the United States of America, Philippines, Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.

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The Tutorial is Too Hard: When A Gamer Strikes Back

You have already come across the beginning of our article. Hence, let me start to proceed further since now you know the premises of this manga. The story revolves around the life of Lee Ho Jae – he is one of the top professional gamers in his country. But he has successfully wasted at least thirty years of his life chasing a game. Lee is trying his best to beat the Final Boss of the Final Level of Dungeons and Stones. He kept on pushing himself hard and harder just to get over the final level of this game.

Eventually, Lee Ho Jae was successful. He wins the Boss Fight but the real twist comes later on. Soon, he spotted a message on his screen that said ‘Tutorial Complete’. Before Lee could even express his frustration at this message, he was blinded by a strange light. After some time, Lee woke up dressed as a barbarian. He has become Bjorn Yandel, one of the peak fighters in the game. But this time, he is not in the game. The game has become the real world. Bjorn must hide his actual self otherwise the monsters or the authorities will destroy him. He must survive against all the demons with his knowledge of the game.

In Chapter 135, we see Ho Jae trying to fix himself by drinking paramal. It’s a potion that helps people to express their emotions instead of being emotionally distant. Ho Jae himself is one of them and all his life, he kept hiding himself. So, this time, Lee Ho Jae is trying to break out from his own walls. He started to interact with Hyang a bit more without even knowing that this might actually be the effect of Paramal. Later in this chapter, we see that Hyang is informing about paramal. How the kings prepared it and how they used it almost like a psychedelic drug.

What Can We Get From Chapter 136 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manga

The last chapter ended on quite a cliffhanger moment I would say. Since Ho Jae is now drinking paramal, we would see an emotional side of him coming out. In Chapter 136, we might be seeing Ho Jae talking more with Hyang. Hyang will probably inform us about the ancient temple that has something to do with Paramal. There must have been something there otherwise the royal family would not have been successful in creating the potion once again. But let’s not think too much about it right now – unless The Tutorial is Too Hard Chapter 136 release date, we will not be able to know the real spoilers. If you want to read the manga, please check out Kakao Page.

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