Be the Actor Chapter 59 Release Date. Knowing More About The Unqie Manga!

In all the earlier mangas and manhwas we have always noticed the protagonist of the story, holding the same position and same traits in the entire chapters. The only changes that take place are in the background of the protagonist. But today the series we will be discussing is something that you would have never expected to read or ever see in the manga. Yes, this series has something different than the other mangas. What is that? Let’s see.

As said protagonists never change but the surrounding changes. In Be The Actor manga you will see the protagonist has been evolving his traits with every season. Yes with securing a low position in the first season it has upgraded itself to a higher rank in the very second season of the series. Now what is the protagonist actually? How did he upgrade himself? Everything will be answered soon. Till then stick your eyes to the article and keep reading.

But as always, we won’t let you go bare-handed without letting you know everything about the series. Yes, we will also tell you the plot behind the series, what makes it unique, predictions for new chapter’s scenes, and obviously your favorite part to know the release date of its upcoming chapters. Excited? Let’s move then. 

Be the Actor Chapter 59 Release Date

Chapter 59 of your favorite manga is all set to return back to you and to make you shocked again with the changing traits and levels of your favorite unique protagonist of all time. Yes, chapter 59 of Be the Actor is scheduled to be released on October 28, 2023, on Saturday, on their official pages.

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Plot Of The Series

The series Be The Actor revolves around the protagonist, Jang who in the first season was shown as an actor starting his career in the film industry, and now in its second season of the series, his position is upgraded and now, we can see Jand as a director, shooting for his new film. Along with it the readers will know the story inside a story, that is story being plotted within the story of a manga.

Jang is seen in the last chapters being driven by his manager to the place of shooting. Jabg finds a notepad in the cr held by his manager, which has the names of popular people in the industry, Also he finds it awkward to read someone else’s notepad and thus returns it back to his manager. The series is going to be a fun read, as Jang has already gained fame by being an actor and now he is trying his luck in the field of direction and making a mystery movie full of comedy, drama, and horror of course.

Spoiler To Chapter 59

In the last chapter, we saw, that Jang was going to the place of shooting along with his manager. He has already been an amazing actor and he is going to be an amazing director too. As chapter 58 opens up, we see Seo Jongin surprised by the acting of Youngguk in the recurring roles in the film. But the director knows it well whom to use the roles in the movie. Now that we know our director is a known actor as well. Here we will get a brief of the roles Jang has played in his acting career.

Jang played the role of a priest in the last story, where it was a horror scene and he was shown as the villain of the story. Next, we are taken to the scene, where the detective is questioned by his seniors for giving the report but he is then taken away by the people for reading the case once again. Later we are shifted to the current situation where the shooting is being done for Jang’s new film and first under his direction.

The priest is asked by a detective to behave as a priest rather than going on coffee hangouts. In answer to this priest says it is never a fault to fulfil your dremas. Later, we find the story of the film said to be similar to Dostoevsky’s plays, saying that a man can never change his inherited habits, no matter what he does. After the cut the actors were relaxing and everyone praised their acting skills and continued shooting again.

Where You Can Read The Series

Be the Actor is streaming on their official page, Kakao Page for the fans. 

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