Is The Dangers In My Heart Manga Finished? Will It Never Retunr Back With New Season? Let’s Find Out!

Japanese manga has always been the center of attraction for all manga lovers not only from Japan or Korea but all over the world. They have been reading manga and watching anime for the last few years on a daily basis. This actually inspires the writers and producers of anime web series, to come up every week with something new in the town. And to increase the collection of their fans. 

but when we come to hear about the termination of some shows or novels we have been habituated reading to or watching breaks our hearts. similar is a show very close to the heart of every manga lover, Dangers in My Heart, as the storyline is dangerous and confusing, the more fans love this manga. But there’s a doubt that the mnaag hasn’t come u with its new chapters since the month of June 2023. 

So now the fans need to know that is the manga terminated forever and they won’t be able to see it again? Or are the makers planning for some sequel of the manga? All these questions are answered in the very next panel of the article. So continue reading the one and you will come through everything that you need to know about this manga.

Is the Dangers in My Heart Manga Finished?

The Japanese Manga, The Dangers in My Heart made its debut in anime television on April 2023. but now then after June 2023, fans are not getting to see its new episode they wonder if the series is terminated. But here’s to the good news for the manga fans. The series is not fully terminated, but only its first season has been finished, and the makers are getting ready for the second season of the manga, which is scheduled to be released by the first month of 2024.

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Premise Of The Series

The Japanese Mnaga was first released as a novel on 8th March 2018 which was written by Norio Sakurai and published by Akita Shoten. Later in April 2023, animation webseries director Hiroaki Akafi decided to make its anime series and released it on the web on 2nd April 2023. The first season of this dramatic manga lasted till June 2023.

The first season, showcased the young boy, who is planning in his mind to kill his classmate who is most popular in the entire school. He always sits in a corner reading murder novels and encyclopedias to understand human anatomy. But once the girl starts being friendly with our male lead, he forgets every revenge and starts liking him. 

The male lead, Kyotaro Ichikawa, sits alone in the corner of the classroom trying to murder the popular girl of his class, Anna Yamada. But thing changes when she starts being friendly to him. they both started spending time, helping each other, and talking and soon came close to each other, and that was the time when they both fell in love with them. 

Characters Involved In the Series

The manga involves a large number of characters in its plot. But the main character in the lead role involves, Kyotaro Ichikawa the male lead of the manager who is busy making plans to kill the female lead. the female lead is Anna Yamada, a beautiful and cute-looking girl who is famous for her style and behavior in school. Kyotaro is trying to take revenge against her and murder her. But soon she approaches Kyotaro, talks to him and they both come close to each other.

The other characters in recurring roles, involve Chihiro Kobayashi, Serina Yoshida, Kenta Kanzaki, Moeko Sekine, Sho Adachi, Mr. Marda, Rin Kanoya, Honoka Hara, Chikira Ota, Haruya Nanjo, Rin Kanaoya, Kana Ichikawa, Ammiya, Ichikawa’s Mother, Yamada’s Father, Mamiya, Yamada’s Mother, Kanna Andou, Yurine Hanzawa, and Ms. Moriya who have short roles in the plot, but very significant to complete the existence of our lead characters.

Where Is It Available

The Dangers In My Heart is available as a novel to read in Weekly Shonen Champion magazine, while the animated series is available on TV Asahi to watch. 

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