Is the Weak Hero Chapter 267 Release Date Confirmed?

Drawing a close resemblance to Lookism, Weak Hero is a psychological thriller web novel. It revolves around a scrawny teenager, Gray Yeon, who has to weave through a convoluted maze of deception and torment. It is essentially a slice-of-life webtoon, delving into the psychological drama and action genres. Renowned for its intense emotional warfare, the web novel has efficiently lured billions of viewers. It currently boasts over 200 million views and nearly 2 million monthly readers.

Despite being accused of its slow pace, the thriller web novel stands as a pioneer in its genre. Now, with the recent cliffhangers and story arcs introduced into the webtoon, fanatics are immersed in it. So, if you, too, are wondering whether the Weak Hero Chapter 267 release date has been confirmed, dive in!

Weak Hero Chapter 267 Release Date

Seopass dipped foot into the enigmatic manga universe with Weak Hero in September 2019 along with the illustrator, Razen. The duo began serialising their creative masterpiece on the Naver Webtoon platform and maintained a consistent schedule. Though the manga struggled to amass a loyal audience initially, it soon picked up pace and lured millions of readers. Upon witnessing the immense success of the web novel, the creators launched the scanned version a couple of months later on the Webtoon platform. 

After publishing the translated version of the web novel, the duo went on to conjure a manhwa as well. Seopass has helmed three seasons so far and is about to commence with the fourth. Though speculations regarding Weak Hero being adapted into an anime are also gaining traction, the authors haven’t yet confirmed it. However, he did affirm the release date of the upcoming iteration. 

Weak Hero Chapter 267 is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2023. The Korean raw scans would be available on the Naver Series platform. The English dub would be hosted by Webtoon a while later.

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What is the Weak Hero Webtoon About?

Weak Hero Chapter 267 Release Date

Unravelling the high school drama genre, Weak Hero revolves around a meek teenager, Gray Yeon. Due to his gloomy and tormented past, Yeon has become reserved and quiet. With no friends or acquaintances, he spends most of his days diving deeper into the world of books. Gray aspires to make up for his lean personality by sharpening his intellect and staying well-versed in the current scenarios to use it as a weapon. Manipulation and psychological discordance are the serrated t weapons in his arsenal. As he is transferred to the Eunjang High School, these weapons prove to be his saving grace. 

Gray, with his precious books and introverted personality, embarks on a new journey, aspiring to quietly weave through high school. However, he soon stumbles upon Teddy Jin and Donald Na, the ruthless high school tormentors and his ambition to get out unscathed becomes a far-fetched dream. Both Teddy and Donald bring out the worst in Gray and push him to the brink of insanity. Here ensues a cat-and-mouse chase between Gray and Donald, where the former devises psychological traps and the latter resorts to physical violence.

Weak Hero Chapter 267 Plot

Gray doesn’t only attract enemies though; he also succeeds in earning a loyal best friend as well in Ben Park. Though he is still tormented by his past and experiences an unsettling “emptiness”, he begins filling the void with optimistic emotions and thoughts. However, those aren’t the only changes he undergoes during his high school phase. Gray also begins unleashing his suppressed rage and levels up his psychological game. Surviving amid the bullies from the high end of the torture spectrum becomes his primary goal.

The manhwa chronicles Gray and Ben’s journey of weaving through circumstantial challenges. Weak Hero Chapter 267 will portray the duo progressing in their journey and overcoming both the emotional and psychological hurdles.

Weak Hero Chapter 267 Release Date: FAQs

1. What is the Weak Hero Manga About? 

The psychological manga chronicles Gray Yeon’s journey of proving himself an efficient hero despite being renowned by the epithet, “Eunjang’s White Mamba”.

2. Who is the Author of the Weak Hero Webtoon?

The web novel is penned by Seopass and illustrated by Razen.

3. Is Weak Hero Webtoon Adapted Into a Manga? 

Yes, Weak Hero is adapted into a manga.

4. Is the Weak Hero Chapter 267 Release Date Confirmed?

Yes, it is confirmed.

5. When Will Weak Hero Chapter 267 Release? 

Weak Hero Chapter 267 is scheduled to be released on October 15, 2023.

6. Where to Read Weak Hero Chapter 267 Online? 

You can read Weak Hero online on Naver and Webtoon platforms.

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