The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap & More

Every time we fail, apart from a thousand regrets, the one thing we look forward to is a second chance. Rarely, life gives us another chance to be successful. What if it became real? The Return Of The Crazy Demon tells us such a gripping tale of a comeback.

The story is about a demon who failed to succeed in life. But after he died, he found that somehow the universe had granted him a second chance to redo everything once again. Fans have loved the idea and hence, the manhwa platform has seen a sharp rise in its readership. The readers are interested in everything about this and now, they want to know about the release date of The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93.

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 Release Date: Sooner Than You Thought

If you are a hardcore otaku or anime fan, by now, you must have seen this overgrown trend of reincarnation and regression stories. The main idea is simple – you face death, and you find yourself alive again, but this time your life is a bit different. Or, there is another part to this. After you die, you find yourself getting back to some years back. With this knowledge, you can be able to defend yourself. The Return Of The Crazy Demon belongs to the second category. Our protagonist does not even get another chance to live, he gets another chance to succeed in his mission. 

The story is about a demon who is getting born again. If you have not read the manga yet, please do not worry much. This manhwa does not only show us the new life of our main character, it shows his struggles and brings in some twists. However, we will talk more about this in detail later. Otaku communities and manhwa fans have loved how the story is progressing till now. We have had 92 chapters of this manhwa and the readers just want some more. A lot of you must have been wondering – what might be The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 release date?

Is an upcoming chapter going to be out soon? If you are a fan, we have good news for you. An upcoming chapter of the manhwa is on the way. The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 release date is 15th October 2023, Sunday. The release schedule will absolutely be the same for Japan, Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Australia, the United States of America, India, New York, and the Central and Eastern parts of Europe. No matter where you are reading this article, you will be able to access the upcoming chapter on Sunday, this week. The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 release date for anywhere around the globe will be 15th October.

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The Return Of The Crazy Demon: Revenge Of The Fallen Soul

The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 Release Date

Now that we are done discussing about the release date of Chapter 93, let us start talking about the story now. The manhwa starts by telling us about the sad life of a demon. Yi Zaha is a crazy demon who happens to be the protagonist or the main character of The Return Of The Crazy Demon. He is passionate about being a master of martial arts. The crazy Yi Zaha decided to steal a legendary mythical item in order to pursue his dreams. The Jade of Heaven is an item of a higher form. But there was one problem – members and soldiers of the Demonic Cult were guarding it.

As a result, when he makes his desperate attempt to steal the Jade of Heaven, the Demonic Cult gets after him. After some time, unfortunately, Yi falls off a cliff after trying his best to outrun his enemies. We all thought that this would be the saddest ending but to our surprise, Yi Zaha gets alive again. But here’s the bug twist. When he opens his eyes, he finds himself back in his 20-year-old form. He is no longer the Mad Demon. Yi is just a waiter now, but he is enriched with future knowledge.

In chapter 92, we saw the Southern troop members approaching Yi Zaha. Every other member of this manhwa finds this whole Southern Troop very annoying. However, we find Yi Zaha, Hyung, and the Union Master everyone in a room. Yi takes the center of attention and walks up to the stage. He told everyone who he was. We heard him talking about the restaurant he worked in. Yi used to clean the tables once before he became a passionate martial artist. We get to know some facts about the birth of the Hao Sect.

What Can We Expect From Chapter 93 And Official Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

Since the last chapter ended somehow after a speech, Chapter 93 might be more interesting than this. In the upcoming chapter, we will get to understand the true nature of being a martial artist. Yi Zaha promises to guard every weak being who’s trying their best to live. According to Yi, the demons, the old, the young, the weak, the outcasts – everyone is a part of his big family.

Chapter 93 might also reveal more about the humble side of our Mad Demon. But for now, we have nothing to do except wait for The Return Of The Crazy Demon Chapter 93 release date to arrive. If you want to read the manhwa, please consider visiting the Naver Website.

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