Make Me Scream Season 2 Release Date. Will The Show Return Back With New Release Or Not? Let’s Find Out!

Horror movies or web series are the points of interest for very few people around the globe. While watching Horror films or web series, what is the one thing that is done by humans most? Think of it. Screaming to dark and bold scary scenes of course. But what if it is said and made mandatory not to scream while you watch horror movies? This will make it even more difficult for the audience not to scream than watch this horror movie, won’t it?

The new reality web show released by the co-production of Amazon Studios and MGM Alternative is of the same type as illustrated above. Till now we have seen horror movies and series. But this time to do something new, Amazon has brought up its original horror reality show, to add up some spices on the web. The series has the same restriction, and the team that wins in keeping the boundaries of the show aligned till last must win. But what is the boundary? Who are the players? 

Keep calm. All of your queries will be answered here in the article. Along with it, the answer to the most asked question, about its second season release will also be stated in the next panel of the article. So stay connected with us till the end, as many answers are waiting for you along with some twists and turns as well. 

Make Me Scream Season 2 Release Date

Make Me Scream is the new English horror reality show, which was released recently on 3rd October 2023 on Amazon Prime Video. But with the release of its first season, people ask for the chance of season 2. But for now, the fans have rated season one very poorly on different platforms. 

And after seeing the love of audiences for the show, and their ratings it becomes difficult to even expect for the new season to come up to us. Not only this but the makers and producers of the show haven’t made any clarity for its second season, on the other hand, some news has leaked from insiders that neither Amazon nor the makers of the show are interested in making its sequel. But still for the confirmation we need to wait for months. 

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Plot Of The Show

The show is a horror comedy reality show, which has two hosts of the show who has invited various celebrities to take part in their show games. There are two teams of celebrities who are bound to play some horror and scary games. But there;’s a condition which we mentioned earlier. the condition, the team members can’t scream when they are scared. Yes, that’s right. The team that has less number of screams by the end of the game will win a prize. What is the prize?

The hosts of the show, Darryl M. Bell and Tempestt Bledsoe have invited their celebrity friends from the film industry to come and play games in their show with the boundary to not scream. The team that wins the game is gifted the MEdal of Mayhem, which is a necklace kind of stuff with skulls attached to it instead of pearls and stones. Yes, this is the strange gift to this strange kind of horror show.

The team players will have to pass through a variety of scary zones, and haunted places full of people dressed up as ghosts to threaten the players. The show is going to be fun but boring at the same time. As first of all, it is a horror show so it already lost its children’s fans. And the adults who will be watching it must get bored of watching the same type of game over and over again. 

Cast Of The Show

The cast of this reality show involves two hosts Darryl M. Bell and Tempestt Bledsoe. Along with them the celebrities who will be joining the show, include Heaven Karma Johnson, Javaln Chew, Lil Xan, Jaleel White, Chris Williams, Shoniqua Shandia, and Nathaniel Kweku. It will be fun watching our favorite celebrities reacting the same way common people would after they are involved in horror activities.

Where Is The Show Streaming

Make Me Scream, the horror reality show is screaming on Amazon Prime Video. 

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