I Become An Evolving Space Monster Chapter 14 Release Date, Recap & Spoilers. Everything You Must Know Is Here!

We have always read the mangas where the humans are reincarnated to some fantasy world and they would have to go the life in those days, which they dreamt in their real life. But what if we say, there are mangas and,nahwas that show and tell the reincarnation of humans into, some machines and even to some monsters or more precisely we must say, predators eating up humans? This seems to be crazy, right?

But this craziness is going to increase more and more once, you see that the manhwa we are talking about is somewhat the same as this. Yes, we are saying it right. Weeks before a new mnahwa was released in the market which ruled the hearts of the readers in no less time after its release. The manhwa will be discussed here in the article, shortly, and its title is “I Become an Evolving Space Monster”.

Along with the release date for new chapters of the manhwa, we will also let you know about the plot of the series as well as the spoilers for its new chapter in the next panels of the article. So let us move ahead with it before wasting much time and reducing your excitement further. 

I Become an Evolving Space Monster Chapter 14 Release Date

With the release of 13 chapters in the series, the fans have been demanding highly to release of its new chapter super soon. and keeping in mind their demand for a new chapter the writer has announced the release date for the manhwa’s chapter 14. And it is scheduled to be released on 14th October, 2023. Where you will find it? To know this read the next panel of the article. 

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Storyline Of The Series

The series, I Become an Evolving Space Monster begins with the human in the real world reading monstrous and attacking books, and one day he gets a real chance to be reincarnated into a monster. As he accepted the proposal the lead of the manhwa, was reincarnated into a monster, specifically a predator who was on his journey to eat humans in a spacecraft with him. 

But the biggest mission for the monster is not to eat up humans in the spacecraft, but rather to know what is his actual face. Or to know how he transformed into such a cruel thing that he is so aggressive and powerful to kill and eat up humans and not even feel sympathy for them. Now there are many questions, will humans be safe? Or will they be killed? Is no one coming to rescue them from the predator? Is there no way to kill the predator? 

Previously In Chapter 13

In the last chapter of the manhwa, the readers come to know that the predator is busy killing all men in the spacecraft one by one and also he is growing stronger and more powerful. the humans doubted their strength and made him look inferior and he could be easily killed. but the predator knew how powerful he was and that he could be only killed by plasma guns. And the reality for those guns is that the bugger ones are so big that they can’t be played by one human, and the small ones are so expensive that they can’t buy it.

But the twist is not in the story when one of the persons controlling the spacecraft, says he has one of the small plasma guns, called a pistol, whose only one shot in the head of the predator will kill him, and every one of them will be saved. Now this is where the predator goes scared off the humans for a second. But it is our lead character who is trying to search for something good

He is not on the way to kill people, but on the way to find his real identity. And so the monster again recollects his strength and starts threatening the humans. So in the upcoming chapters readers might come to know, how many people are left and also the answer to all the above questions mentioned. Along with it, readers will also come to know the reality of the predator along with him.

Where You Can Read It

The series, I Become an Evolving Space Monster is available on Novelpia’s official website. 

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