I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Chapter 27 Release Date: Sooner Or Later?

The world is unfair, and everyone knows it. Wherever you go, you will find unfaithful people. The manhwa that we are going to discuss today is entirely based on this concept. If you have not guessed the name of the manhwa yet, it is here for you. The name of the manhwa is I’ll Be A Villain In This Life. This is the manhwa that deals with a company that carries out unfair work and harasses the plebeians. If you are willing to know I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Chapter 27 release date, you will find your required information right here. We are going to discuss the release date, storyline and some more aspects of the manhwa.

I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Chapter 27: Release Date And More Information

I’ll Be A Villain In This Life has received 26 chapters so far. Wherever you search for the manhwa, you will see only 26 chapters. The upcoming chapter of the manhwa is going to be released soon. The creators have confirmed the release date of Chapter 27 of I’ll Be A Villain In This Life. I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Chapter 27 will be released 19th September 2023. Chapter 27 will be released at 8 P.M. Korean Standard Time (KST). This means that the chapter is going to be released on 19th September 2023 in other countries of the world as well. You can calculate the release timing of the manhwa in your place by keeping KST as your reference value.

Will I’ll Be A Villain In This Life have more chapters? The answer to this question is Yes. I’ll Be A Villain In This Life will definitely have more chapters. The manhwa has just begun, and considering the popularity of the manhwa, we think that the creators will extend it beyond 100 chapters. Therefore, you should not worry about the release of more chapters. The upcoming chapters will be released on their scheduled dates.

Will I’ll Be A Villain In This Life be converted into a drama? What are the creators thinking? So far, the creators of the manhwa, I’ll Be A Villain In This Life, have not given any thought to this matter. Since the manhwa has just begun, we do not think that the creators are going to discuss something like this at this point in time. We should give them to decide whether they will come up with an adaptation. If they decide something positive, they will make an official announcement. Currently, the manhwa will get no drama adaptation.

I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Storyline

The storyline of I’ll Be A Villain In This Life is quite interesting. The introduction has already given us some hints about the manhwa. Yes, this manhwa is based on an unfair world. This strives to bring out the dark side of the world. We can say that this manhwa is like an eye-opener for those who consider the world as a fairyland. We are sure that you will find the story of the manhwa interesting.

The protagonist of the story is Lee Joohyuk. He works as an undercover detective. His workplace gave him the task of unfolding the truth of the DG Group which is a corrupted organization. This organization has been harassing the commoners of Korea for long. He has been working in the company for 15 years under the disguise of a common worker. When the time comes to expose the company, the organization gets to know about Lee Joohyuk’s real identity.

They in fact tried to kill our protagonist. However, at the moment of his death, Lee Joohyuk witnesses the spirit of his deceased father in front of him. He gets a new life because of his father. However, Lee Joohyuk does not remain in the same year. He gets back to 2005. In this new life, Lee Joohyuk has promised to bring down DG Group. Will he be successful? To get your answers, you will have to read I’ll Be A Villain In This Life.

I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Chapter 27 Expectations

In Chapter 27 of the manhwa, Lee Joohyuk will go after his next target, Han Inseok. Han Inseok is a lawyer. It is the time of Inseok’s downfall. Lee Joohyuk will bring the downfall of Han Inseok. Chapter 27 is going to be interesting for sure. The chasing game will spice things up.

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I’ll Be A Villain In This Life Reading Platform

I’ll Be A Villain In This Life is available for reading online. You can read the manhwa in Korean on Kakao Webtoon. If you want to read the manhwa in English, you can click here.

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