Overgeared Chapter 198 Release Date: Spoilers, Recap And More!

In our life, in some aspects, luck plays a vital role. And if you are a gamer, you know how it feels to be unlucky. But sometimes you get extremely lucky and the game rewards you immensely. The manhwa Overgeared has a similar backstory.

The whole plot shows us the life of a tired man. He has lost in life and even when he does his best to buy his favorite game world, he starts losing in it too. Until one day, lady luck shows up at his doorstep and he gains the title of a legendary gamer. Otakus are totally loving this manhwa and they are excited about the new chapters. 

Overgeared Chapter 198 Release Date: Everything We Know

Whenever a new manhwa gets released, people who love to read manhwa start reading them. If it has enough potential and the story looks promising enough, the manhwa starts to develop a fandom. And without this huge support of readers and viewers, no manhwa can cross the mark of a hundred chapters. As of now, Overgeared has 197 chapters – the manhwa is close to hitting a total of two hundred chapters at this point. This shows how gripping the plot actually is and how good the character arcs are.

Now, through all these days, Overgeared has managed to get the attention of otakus all around the globe. The fans have shown their appreciation towards this manga which revolves around a broken man who is also a VR gamer. His success story has reached a huge audience. Now, the manhwa readers are curious if they will get a new chapter soon. So, what is Overgeared Chapter 198 release date? Is it sooner than we are expecting it? Will the manhwa end soon? Before going on to the recap part, let me answer these here first.

Overgeared Chapter 198 release date is fixed on 17th September 2023, Sunday. Indian otakus can view it after 5.30 p.m. No matter where you are reading this article, Chapter 198 will be released on the same date as I mentioned here. People from Japan, Korea, New York, Australia, Singapore, Eastern Indonesia, Europe, India, and the Philippines will receive this upcoming chapter soon. One thing is for sure – since this is not a new manhwa, the creators will not delay Overgeared Chapter 198 release date at any cost. It will be available on 17th September 2023 as scheduled. And it doesn’t seem that the manhwa will end this soon.

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Overgeared: A Tale That Transcends Beyond Realities

You must have read before, that the story is about a person who’s a loser in real and virtual life. Our manhwa is about the life of Shin Youngwoo. He worked in manual labor tasks and was already in deep trouble. Life has not treated him better so far. Despite all the difficulties in life, Shin wanted to have a gaming console so badly. Soon, he made a huge debt by borrowing money for it. Finally, Shin got a chance to play his dream game, Satisfy.

In that game, Shin Youngwoo’s player name was Grid. One day, he found a legendary item while on an S-grade quest. Pagma’s Rare Book boosted him to a legendary level but since he died on the quest, his level dropped below zero. Shin emerged as the first-ever negative-level legendary player. Soon, he started to gain new friends due to his tactical mastery and charm. Shin now wants to be the supreme gamer and write his own epics. In Chapter 197, Hurent manages to impress Shin with his hard work and passion.

According to Shin, Hurent did not appear that promising when he first came here. But his power and skills will take him far. Shin Youngwoo promises that he will take up the responsibility to train him. Shin wants Hurent to expand his limits and use his full aura to such an extent that when he lands on the battlefield, Hurent remains untouchable. Although Shin doesn’t like the lords, he is hopeful that Hurent will help the lords in winning a war. The chapter ends with Hurent getting impressed by Piero’s farming skills.

What Can You Expect From Chapter 198 And Reading Platform Of The Manhwa

In Chapter 198, we will see Hurent discovering the secrets behind such a good farming area. The entire Altes mountainside was devoid of trees and somehow Piero had managed to terraform the whole piece of landform. Hurent soon discovers that Piero is using the labor of children. He trains and uses the children to help him in his manual works of agriculture and irrigational purposes. Hurent being a sincere father, wants to tell them all. Later in the chapter, we might see him discovering that those kids are not farmers.

They might be a part of the training schedule that Lauel told him about. They are going to be a part of Rebecca’s daughter’s team. But let’s just wait till Overgeared Chapter 198 release date arrives. If you want to read this manhwa, you can go to Kakao by clicking here.

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