Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90 Release Date: Sooner Than Expected?

No matter how many times you fail in life, there is always a way to get up. And if you are someone who believes in your efforts, you definitely deserve a second chance for establishing your comeback. Swordmaster’s Youngest Son tells a similar tale.

The story revolves around the son of a famous swordmaster. Although he belongs to such a family, he doesn’t have good skills like his father and forefathers. But soon, he gets another chance at life when he gets back to life as his baby self. Fans love these types of stories. So, they are pretty curious about this manga. What do you think can turn out to be the release date of Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90?

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Mangas that talk about reincarnation stories are always attractive. But in the case of redemption, the manga readers can relate to it more. As humans, we often commit some things for which we need a second chance. And often, life gives all of us a second chance to redeem ourselves. This is the reason why Swordmaster’s Youngest Son has managed to garner so much attention and be successful. The creators always take note of what the readers would love to see.

That’s why, this manga is close to reaching a hundred chapters soon. And in this time, it has managed to create a strong fanbase. Critics and other otaku forums across social media have praised the story. Now, a lot of people want to know about a new chapter. So, what is Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90 release date? Is this chapter going to be out sooner than the last one? Well, this manga does have a gripping plotline. Before coming to that, let me answer these first.

Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90 release date is 16th September 2023. In India, you will get it after 8.30 p.m. on Saturday. This release date remains the same for New York, Central and Eastern Europe, Singapore, India, and the Philippines. But if you are from Japan, Korea, Australia, or Indonesia, for you, Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90 release date is 17th September 2023. In these four regions, the manga will publish its new chapter on Sunday. Now that we have discussed these, let’s dive into the story of the manga.

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Swordmaster’s Youngest Son: A Tale Of Broken Dreams & Redemption

After reading the first part of this article, you are now aware of the premise of the whole plot. Our protagonist or main character is Jin Runcandel. His father was one of the greatest swordsmen to ever exist. So, quite naturally, when Jin Runcandel was born, the people expected that Jin would take up the mantle after his father passed. He is the heir of the prestigious Runcandel Swordsmen family. Jin must not let their crown fall on the ground. But in reality, Jin did not take up the role.

Jin had poor sword skills – his family and clan stopped seeing him soon. Despite every attempt, he failed to be a proper swordsman. He found out that he is cursed and that’s why he cannot use his abilities. So, one day, Jin Runcandel makes a contract with God Solderet. But unfortunately, his life ends with a tragedy. Now, Jin is back again but this time, he is a baby. He is all set to utilize his second chance to be the most efficient swordmaster. In Chapter 89, we see Jin doubling his strength and abilities after his war at Collon.

Jin has successfully collected his well-deserved shadow energy and start magic power – he has also improved in his skills and gained six starts for his swordsmanship. He also received the useful tactical mirror from Claam. This chapter mainly deals with the Collon story arc and ends with the hope of a new one. In the later part of Chapter 89, we see Zippy and his family trying to avoid the articles of Dino news. But ultimately, Dino News reveals the truth. So, probably for once and for all, Zippy loses their dignity and honor.

What Can You Expect In Chapter 90 And Reading Platform Of The Manga

Chapter 90 will be mainly about a new arc. Jin Runcandel will be a little bit stronger – new enemies and new difficulties are waiting for him. But most importantly, he will have a meeting with Jett. Jett arrived at the scene in the last part of Chapter 89. In the latest chapter, we might see the duo engage in a conversation about the secret bases of the seven colors. Jett is probably aware of the location of one of them. But Jin must keep his senses sharp – Jett is a scammer and he can bluff about anything. 

Chapter 90 will probably be the gateway to big fights. But for now, let us focus on what’s here with us. It will be better if we don’t speculate and wait till the Swordmaster’s Youngest Son Chapter 90 release date arrives. If you want to read the manga on the Kakao Page, click here.

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