Return Of The Frozen Player Chapter 99 Release Date Stands Confirmed!

Manga series with magic, action, drama, and immortality is the perfect match for the afternoon read.  So is the story of “Return of the Frozen Player” which is the new manga people are on. There are 98 chapters already in this series and people are waiting for the next installment. Two seasons of the series have been completed but still fans are anxiously waiting for the third season. It talks about the hype of the series and the huge fan base that it has created. In this article, you will find the information about the Return of the Frozen Player Chapter 99 Release date. Hence, read it thoroughly till the end and get your answer about the new chapter’s release and also about the series.

Return Of The Frozen Player Chapter 99 Release Date

This series has successfully completed its second season with chapter 98. The third season will begin with a new chapter which is Chapter 99. Fans are excited for the new chapter. They want to know very anxiously what will happen in this chapter. News has spread and confirmed that this chapter of the series will be released after three months. A fixed date is also given for the release which is on 18 December 2023. As there is time for the release so till now there isn’t any confirmation about the plotline of this chapter. However, we can hope that the chapter continues the story further. It will be a chapter full of surprises and twists. Both the first and second seasons of the series have been successful in engaging the readers.

Return Of The Frozen Player Chapter 98: Recap

In this chapter, readers can see how Specter got to know that Fiend has hidden his skills till now. Now Specter tells him that if this is what he wanted then he shouldn’t have told about the Paris incident. It may be 27 years for Fiend but for Specter, it’s only 2 years ago. With the Ice Golem, Specter found out that the guy was Fiend. Fiend came to a surprise at how archmage affected that area. But it was not archmage, it was something different.

Later, he found out that it was nothing else than Specter’s ability which made him a monster more powerful than before. Ahead in the chapter, there is Junho who was seen going to Skaya. Skaya was left wondering what happened to the other guy who had come earlier. Junho told her that he was a first generation player who came 30 years ago so he possesses a lot of information.

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Further Information

Skaya was impressed with this ability and now she agreed to work with him. But Skaya chose to hunt Fiend on her own and bring him to Junho. It was a very challenging and risky job to do for them. As Junho can’t use too much mana and Skaya had to face many challenges to find Fiend. Skaya and Junho have now managed to split up the work and work together. Junho was also promised to become the face madam after the return of Gilbert and Rahamadat Mio.

Also, we can see that Specter and Fiend had a talk between them. Fiend boasted that he wouldn’t die easily but it would be an easy death according to Specter. Fiend remembers Specter after 27 years which was quite amazing for Specter. We can see next that Fiend tells Specter to die with his hands. It was an extra 27 years that Specter lived after he escaped from the Fiend massacre in Paris.

Where To Find It?

Kakao Webtoon and Tapas are two platforms on which this series is available. For the raw scans of the series, readers have to visit Kakao Webtoon. For the translated version people should visit Tapas. As the translation takes time the release date of the translated version will be different from the raw scan. So fans who read this series in English have to wait a little more for the release of the translated version. Both these platforms have provided readers continuously with the amazing manga series. They are the one-stop for readers who seek manga series.

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