Blue Box Chapter 117: Release Date, Storyline, Expectations And More!

Sports anime and manga are popular enough. What if the genre of romance is blended with the genre of sports? It becomes more interesting, right? This is the scenario of the manga Blue Box. The manga began in 2021, and since then, fans have been loving this. The manga is currently going through various ups and downs. If you are willing to know about the Blue Box chapter 117 release date, then you have come to the correct to know your answer. Here, we are going to discuss the release date of Blue Box and more information that we have collated so far.

Blue Box Chapter 117: Release Date And More!

The anime Blue Box has received 116 chapters as of now. Chapter 117 of the manga is going to be released soon. If you are awaiting the release of the next chapter, we want to inform you that you do not have to wait much longer for the release of Chapter 117 of the manga. Blue Box Chapter 117 is going to be released on 18th September 2023. The manga is going to be released at 12 A.M. Japanese Standard Time (JST). This means that the chapter is going to be released on 17th September 2023 in countries other than Japan, Korea and Australia. The release date of the manga will vary according to the standard time in your country. You can calculate the release timing of the manga by keeping JST as your reference.

Will Blue Box come to an end soon? Sports manga generally have at least 200 chapters. Since Blue Box has not reached that limit yet, we can say that the manga is not going to come to an end very soon. Along with the sports aspect of the manga, we have to keep in mind the romantic aspect of the story as well. Since the story is yet to form the circle of completion (completion of the entire story), you can be assured about the fact that Blue Box manga is not going to come to an end presently.

When will Blue Box anime come out? Fans have been waiting for the release of the anime Blue Box for a long time now. However, the creators of the manga have not thought about this situation as of now. Nevertheless, considering the popularity of the manga in recent days, we think that Blue Box will receive an anime version soon.

Blue Box Storyline

The storyline of Blue Box is pretty interesting. As the introduction has already mentioned, it is a blend of two genres, Sports and Romance. This unique blend of genres makes the manga more special and popular among the fans. It is a sports manga as well as a romantic comedy. Is not that fun? It definitely is fun if you ask us. The story of the manga revolves around Taiki Inomata and Chinatsu Kano. Both of them are equally involved in sports. Taiki is involved in badminton, and Chinatsu is involved in basketball.

The twist lies in the fact Chinatsu Kano is Taiki’s upperclasswoman. Every day both of them train together in the morning hours. This is exactly how Taiki develops a crush on Chinatsu. The story becomes more interesting when Chinatsu starts to live with Taiki and his family. You must be asking why. Well, Chinatsu’s parents decide to work abroad instead of living in Japan. As a result, they decide to leave Chinatsu under the care of Taiki’s family. Hence, she moves in with them. Now Taiki has the opportunity to work on his feelings for Chinatsu. Along with focusing on their respective sports, they also start to mingle with one another. To know what happens further, you will have to read the manga Blue Box.

Blue Box Chapter 117: Expectations

The next chapter is going to be super interesting. Yusei had spewed several negative things about Taiki. Now they are in the field against one another. Their match has begun and will continue. As of now, it is hard to say who is going to win. We do not think that the winner is going to be announced in the upcoming chapter. However, the upcoming chapter will keep you on the edge for sure.

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Blue Box Reading Platform

You now read Blue Box online. The manga is currently getting published on Manga Plus. If you want to read the manga in English, you can read it on Viz. As of now, the manga has received 11 tankobon volumes. As the manga proceeds, more volumes will get published.

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