Ricky Hatton Religion Revealed! He Is Not An Atheist! 

The very popular British boxer, bestowed with the title of Fighter of the Year, counted among the greatest European boxers of all time, the incredibly hot and talented Richard John Hatton is back under our interest list. His accomplishments are new to us, since the year 2000 he has built an extraordinary boxing career for himself! In this competitive journey of his, he has always seen to have sound willpower! But again, what’s life if it doesn’t bear any share of failures? His first defeat affected him a lot, in one word, traumatized him! 

He decided to take a long break and this somehow affected his mental health even further! Probably around 2012, we heard of his epic comeback! His fans clearly remember he was about to face the match against Vyacheslav Senchenko. By this time, due to so many years of hiatus and impromptu eating habits, his weight was a major concern for all of us. Sadly, he couldn’t win this match, but the good thing is he did learn a lot from this particular loss. Interestingly, the boxer has again managed to be in talks, it seems like people are interested to learn more about him! 

Ricky Hatton Religion Revealed! He Is Not An Atheist! 

Ricky Hatton Religion Revealed!

As per the latest information gathered by us, Ricky Hatton is not an atheist, in fact, he is quite a religious man. He happens to be a Christian and like many popular celebrities, he strongly believes in his faith and religion. Given his charitable personality, Ricky Hatton is mostly known as a humble person. Apart from indulging himself in deadly boxing rings, one could easily say that this tough man is not so dangerous in real life. 

Ricky Hatton has always appeared to be a good human being and he has never walked away from his faith or belief. From going to church on Sundays to working at the carpet shop to becoming a salesperson, he has tried it all and finally, Hatton fulfilled his dream of becoming a renowned boxer. A major share of his success happened because of the constant support he received from his family. He also feels thankful to God for helping him overcome his challenges and giving him strength to perform well. 

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Learn Everything About Ricky Hatton’s Family!  

When talking about his personal life, how can we not cover details of his family? His mother, Carol Hatton continues to labour at the carpet shop. While his father Ray was seen to be his and his brother’s personal manager. Speaking of his love life, Hatton continues to be with his long-term girlfriend, Jennifer Dooley. 

The couple doesn’t share a child together. But sources revealed that Hatton has a son from his ex-girlfriend Claire. According to various online sources, his kid, Campbell, is currently trained by his brother, Matthew Hatton. It seems like Campbell preferred to follow in his father’s footsteps. 

Was Ricky Hatton Admitted Into Rehabilitation Centre?

Ricky Hatton Religion Revealed!

It was around September 2010, when we heard that Hatton had finally accepted the rumors and was also getting treated via a sound rehabilitation facility. According to the information collected by us, he was admitted into The Priory to overcome substance abuse. He was not only into cocaine, alcohol, and other drugs but was also combating depression! It was indeed a very difficult time for Hatton. But luckily he managed to come out from his addiction and now is leading a clean life.

What Is Ricky Hatton Doing Now?

Ricky Hatton was undoubtedly a very brilliant boxing player. But then he had to face his first defeat and again, we cannot miss out on the various drug rumors around him. There were a few allegations put against him where he was framed to be an addict. Nonetheless, he managed to shape his future again. Ricky Hatton is currently seen as a boxing manager and trainer. 

He is known to be the trainer of Nathan Gorman, Zhanat Zhakiyanov, Paul Upton, and also of other great boxing players. Sources also revealed that he has worked really hard to shape the boxing careers of Tommy and Tyson Fury. That’s all for now, to learn more about other intriguing celebrities and iconic sportspeople, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Ricky Hatton Religion Revealed! He Is Not An Atheist! – FAQs

1. Has Ricky Hatton permanently retired from the boxing ring?

Yes, Ricky Hatton has permanently retired from the boxing ring. 

2. Is Ricky Hatton an atheist?

No, Ricky Hatton is not an atheist. 

3. What is Ricky Hatton’s original religion?

Ricky Hatton’s original religion happens to be Christianity. 

4. How many children does Ricky Hatton have?

Ricky Hatton shares a son with his ex-girlfriend Claire. 

5. Is Ricky Hatton known to be a drug addict?

There was a time when Ricky Hatton was known to be a drug addict, but luckily he managed to combat his addiction. 

6. Is Ricky Hatton’s brother also a boxer?

Yes, Ricky Hatton’s brother is also known to be a great boxer. 

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