Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88 Release Date: Let’s Find Out

Vampires and werewolves are still a hot topic to discuss and do research on. And after listening to various stories from childhood, we often long for superhuman abilities. Dark Moon: The Blood Altar tells us about a story full of these.

The plot revolves around the female lead, who also has some superhuman abilities. She guards them pretty well and continues her life until she gets caught in a fight between vampires and werewolves. Fans really love this manga – they are very interested to know about the release date of Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88.

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88 Release Date: Everything We Know

Mangas are usually popular for bringing us beautiful love stories and fantasy worlds. They often show us stories where we are taken forward into the future world where humanity is at stake. According to the recent trends I have observed, reincarnation and futuristic mangas have gained huge popularity among the manga reader communities. But Dark Moon: The Blood Altar tells us a different story. We get to see the war between vampires and werewolves.

As a result, the creators have very easily won the minds of the readers and viewers. This manga is probably not going to stop until it reaches a hundred chapters. As of now, we have 87 chapters with us. Recently, a lot of otakus have been curious about a new chapter. So, what is Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88 release date? Will the manga going to end soon? Before telling you the release date, let me confirm something. This manga is not going to end this soon.

Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88 release date is 16th September 2023. Indian readers will get it after 8.30 p.m. Saturday. This date remains fixed for regions like India, the Philippines, Singapore, New York, and Eastern and Central Europe. However, if you are from Korea, Japan, Australia, or Indonesia, then for you, Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88 release date is 17th September 2023. You will get the new chapter of the manga on Sunday. One thing for sure, you’ll not be disappointed by the upcoming chapter.

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Storyline Of Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Manga

You must have read before this part, that this manga has a female lead. The whole story goes on around our young protagonist, Sooha. She was born with some superhuman abilities and powers – since a lot of people might think that she’s a vampire in disguise, Sooha’s parents taught her to keep her abilities hidden. Sooha’s childhood was not good at all. Everyone accused her of being a vampire. 

When she lost her childhood friend, people blamed Sooha for it. Sooha started studying at Decelis Academy, where werewolves and vampires are banned. Soon, she became friends with Heli, who accidentally got to know all about Sooha. Soon, Heli takes her with her and Sooha befriends Jaan, Jakah, Solon, Jino, Shion, and Noa. But one day, after one student gets killed, Sooha discovers Heli and her friends’ true identities. They also shielded their strengths and abilities from the people. In fact, due to this, Sooha gets drawn into the age-old fight between vampires and werewolves. 

In Chapter 87, we see Jaan and Khan having a fight. Khan manages to throw Jaan away. Jaan collected himself and started to protect Sooha and his other friends. Shion starts to guard them from the monsters. Since Khan was extremely overpowered, his mana caused the ground to shake. Rocks start to fall and the whole cave is close to collapsing. Jaan tries his best to save Sooha from the big boulders. He tries to save everyone around him by catching the falling rocks and the cave roof. But as he proceeds forward, he gets trapped under a big rock.

What Will We See In Chapter 88 And Where To Read It?

The last chapter ends with Khan levitating in the air. His mana has reached a saturation point and forms a ring-like structure around him. Khan’s power was sending waves around him. In Chapter 88, we might see what happens to Khan after this. He will probably lose all of his energy after his mana gets vanquished ultimately.

Khan will most probably fall unconscious into the ground from his levitating state. The best way is to wait till Dark Moon: The Blood Altar Chapter 88 release date arrives. Till then, let’s not speculate anything more. If you want to read the manga, you can go to WebToon by clicking here.

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