Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Officially Separated! Opted For Co-parenting! 

As the rumors kept bubbling, the doubts started becoming even more steady and clear. At the end of the day, even the most gossiped celebrity couple decided to answer all the fans out there. After being together for 7 years, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have decided to call it off. As anticipated by us, they were trying to keep the news private! If you are someone who follows any one of them, then you must have read the shocking post! 

They have declared it officially, the news is confirmed, and the rumors are accurate. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have already filed the petition for divorce and joint custody. For the time being, the kids are staying with Jonas, but we are surely looking forward to their upcoming court hearings. Again, their fans have grown highly curious to find out the main reason behind their sudden divorce case. So stay tuned to get a compelling follow-up on Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s separation. 

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Officially Separated! Opted For Co-parenting! 

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Officially Separated! Opted For Co-parenting! 

From randomly following each other on Instagram to falling in love, getting married, and sharing kids, we never thought a time would come when Sophie Turner and Joe Joans decide to drift apart forever. It is indeed quite saddening for all of us and their fans. Four years happens to be a long time and it is surely not going to be an easy task for both of them. Again, we cannot forget about Willa and her younger sister! With two small kids and a broken marriage, Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas called for privacy. They did accept the divorce rumors and jointly placed a statement on the same.

It seems like their separation happened on a mutual basis, well, this happens to be written in the post! But as we all know broken marriages are meant to be complicated and this one is no exception. Just like most of the celebrity couples, they too opted for co-parenting, it’s quite natural to assume that things were pretty much okay between them, but that’s not true! As per the information gathered by us, ever since their second daughter was born, their marriage has been facing major turbulence! 

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Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Heated Divorce – Whom To Blame?

There are undoubtedly too many online sources to look out for. With numerous rumors all around us, fans have become highly confused and bothered by the latest information that has come up in this case. Some say Sophie Turner was a party animal, she was paying less attention to the kids and was also not very much accustomed to the Jonas lifestyle. It’s not new to us that Turner was not getting adjusted to the Jonas family, we have previously heard the same news. But it is quite shocking to believe that Turner was not attached to her kids! 

Moreover, we have always known Sophie to be a calm and introverted person! She prefers to mind her own business and likes to keep her company to herself. Given Turner’s private personality, her fans surely don’t believe the above news. Additionally, we have also got to know that while Turner was busy enjoying her crazy nightlife, Jonas was left alone at home. It seems like Joe Jonas was babysitting, but her wife acted reluctant toward their daughters. 

Sophie Turner Happens To Be The Victim! Forced To Attend Events! 

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Officially Separated! Opted For Co-parenting! 

Speaking of the other most discussed rumor, you will be appalled to know that Sophie Turner was forced to attend events with Joe Jonas! Yes, you heard it right, ever since they had their second child, Turner was feeling a bit left out. She wanted to give more love and care to the newborn and expected the same from Jonas. But on the other side, Joe was never really home, he was mostly busy with his tour. 

Again many times, Sophie was forced to attend public and other glam events with Joe Jonas! Well, this rumor can be believed to some extent, since Turner has always tried to ignore the spotlight. She likes to enjoy a decent lifestyle and we have never captured her partying. The couple mentioned in the post that they have amicably decided to walk off but it seems like they are still hiding something! 

Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner Officially Separated! Opted For Co-parenting! – FAQs

1. Is Joe Jonas taking divorce for Sophie Turner?

Yes, Joe Jonas is giving divorce to Sophie Turner.

2. Is Sophie Turner a party animal?

No, Sophie Turner has never been captured as a party animal. 

3. Is Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner separating on mutual grounds?

Yes, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are separating on mutual grounds. 

4. Are the kids currently living with Joe Jonas?

Yes, the kids are currently living with Joe Jonas. 

5. Is Joe Jonas blaming Sophie Turner for their divorce?

As of now, Joe Jonas has not blamed Sophie Turner for their separation. 

6. Have Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner opted for co-parenting?

Yes, Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have opted for co-parenting.

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