Reborn As A Character That Never Existed Chapter 39: Detailed Study On It!

Manga series have become very popular among fans these days. Kakao is one of the platforms where the best manga series are present. Today we are going to talk about one such series. This series that will be addressed in this article is ” Reborn As A Character That Never Existed”. The Plotline of this series has been loved by readers and critics. It is a very interesting and intriguing plot that has engaged a lot of readers. 38 chapters have been released and read by the readers till now. It is now time for the next chapter to be released. Fans of this series are anxiously waiting for the Reborn As A Character That Never Existed Chapter 39 Release Date. This article will give information about the release date.

Reborn As A Character That Never Existed Chapter 39 Release Date

Now the anxiousness of the readers has come to a stop. The release date of the awaited chapter has been confirmed. This new instalment of the series will come to the reading platform on 12 September 2023. It is confirmed news by the writers and publishers. This chapter is going to be more interesting and engaging than the others. So the Plotline of this chapter is not yet confirmed but there can be certain expectations. It can continue the story of the previous chapter.

Fans should visit the KakaoPage platform to read this chapter. It contains all the earlier chapters and also the new chapters will be released here. The timing of the release will vary for different regions. So fans should check the correct timing for the release. People who read the chapters in English have to wait a little longer. This is because the chapter will be released in Korean. So it will take time to get translated into English.

Reborn As A Character That Never Existed Chapter 38: Recapitulation

In this chapter, readers can see that Loina celebrated her birthday with her own family and the Imperial family. And as Loina has grown up now and is of the age 15. So her family starts thinking about her future. As it is her birthday Loina gets birthday gifts from everyone present there. But she was most happy and attracted by a set of earrings which were just like her sisters. Readers came to know about the guardians in this chapter. Also, the secret of waking them up with the use of Imperial power is shared in this chapter.

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Reborn As A Character That Never Existed: Backstory

This is a Korean manga written by Hansiryeong Nina and the incredible artwork is done by Hodo. It is a mixture of romance, history, supernatural powers, and action. NHN studio is the publisher of the series and it was released in 2023. Thalia is the protagonist of this series. She is a Korean girl whose part-time job was to write fantasy novels. Novels by her had a sad ending in the end and they were full of tragedy. But this novel was something unique.

She somehow went to this novel world after she died in her sleep. Thalia became one of the characters in the novel which never existed before. So she has become the princess of the Remeto family. She was the lead character’s older sister. So it was a big challenge put in front of her as this is a world which she wasn’t used to. So this took time for her to realize that the world was not real. She came as a rebellious child and this was because she has made each and every character in this world.

Thalia made a plan to settle in the countryside after making a lot of money. But nature has something else for her. So there were a lot of challenges and hardships that she had to face on this path. To learn about the story ahead you have to read it from KakaoPage or Pocket Comics.

Where To Read?

There are two platforms where you will find this series which are KakaoPage and Pocket Comics. For a raw scan of the chapters, you will have to visit KakaoPage. And for the translated version of the chapter you have to visit Pocket Comics. There are no other sites or platforms where authentic chapters of the series are present.

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