How Did Tim Pasa Die? “Love On Fire”

Can we trust anyone in this world? Can we trust our parents, our loved ones, our friends or our children? Your answer to this question will probably be “Yes”. Right? Well, for some people, their close ones have become their worst nightmares. Such is the case of Tim Pasa. The happy man who was having an almost perfect life lost his life on one significant day. To know more about the death of Tim Pasa, which looks like a case of arson, you will have to continue reading this piece of information. We have provided all the information that we could collate so far.

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How Did Tim Pasa Die?

Tim Pasa was a loved man. He was born and brought up in a good family. He had siblings of his own, and he loved his siblings a lot. There have been no complaints against him from his family members. When they first got to know about the death of Tim Pasa, they could not believe their ears. At first, the death of Tim Pasa appeared like it was a normal death, but when the investigations began, things did not appear so normal. The story of Tim Pasa became highlighted when it was aired in Lifetime’s show Meet Marry Murder.

Before knowing about how Tim Pasa died, you will have to know about the man’s love life. After Tim Pasa completed his university days, he met with Barbara. They fell in love and decided to get married without any delay. At first, their love appeared to be like a fairytale story. It seemed perfect without any fractures in it. After they got married, they even had two children named Owen and Kate Pasa. Everything was going on fine until it was 5th May 2018.

Tim Pasa was a sports enthusiast. He loved watching sports, and hence, encouraged his children to be involved in sports as well. He did not only like watching national and international tournaments on television, but he also loved watching his children play. As a father, he was quite supportive of his kids. On 5th May 2018, Owen Pasa had a soccer tournament. His father was invited to the match to watch his son play. However, the tragedy is that he could never make it to the match. It was only this very day that he was apparently caught in a housefire and lost his life.

What Did The Police Find Out?

After the case of the housefire was reported, the police came to the scene immediately. The fire brigade was called to the scene as well. The police started to investigate the case then and there. It was there where Tim Pasa’s body was discovered. An autopsy was done to reveal the reasons for death. Soon, the case was almost clear to the police personnel because the reason for death was clearly not the house fire. Also, the fire brigade mentioned that the house was set on fire intentionally. It was not due to some accident.

When the police went deeper into the case, they found out that Tim Pasa and his wife Barbara Pasa were having a tussle between them. Their marriage of 18 years was almost on the brink of getting destroyed. Barbara’s friend Carson, on the investigation, stated that Barbara was developing feelings of hatred towards her husband. Carson stated that Barbara was “mad” with her husband and that she wanted to get “rid” of him. She was determined to get rid of her husband, and Barbara claimed that she knew the ways to do so.

The Final Decision

On further investigation, it was discovered that Barbara allegedly started to get involved with Owen’s soccer coach in a romantic manner. When Owen was interrogated regarding his father’s death, he stated that his mother was behaving in a different way than usual the last few days before the death of his father. Everything was adding up, and the police concluded that Barbara Pasa was the killer of Tim Pasa. All the evidence and the records of investigations proved that none other than Barbara Pasa was the killer of Tim Pasa.

Where Is Barbara Pasa Now?

It was discovered that Tim Pasa was drugged with propofol. It was mainly due to this drug that Tim Pasa lost his life. After he succumbed to his death, the house was set on fire. All this was done by Barbara Pasa. Barbara Pasa was sentenced to life on 15th November 2019. She is currently incarcerated at Iowa Correctional Institution For Women located in Mitchellville.

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