The Couple Breaker Chapter 38 Release Date, Recap, Spoiler, & Everything You Must Know!

Romantic manga has been and will always be the priority of novels to be read by readers all over the world. the readers have always made the manga series and novel the most read of every genre, may it be a battle series, a demon and human race fight novel, or anything else. But every time the one which takes up the heart of every reader of any age group is the romantic tale for sure. 

This time the series we’ll be discussing in this article is a romantic manga series, that has been ruling the hearts of readers in recent times. The series shows the fight between the couples who undergo a photoshoot and the voters are the common men who vote for them and make them the winner of the show. As a winner, the couple will get to work with Mulsa. This leads to a great rivalry not only amongst the two opposing couples but also between the couple itself.

If you too feel quite interested and excited to know more about the series The Couple Breaker, then you are at the right place. We have mentioned everything from the last chapters of the series, and also the plot for the upcoming chapters, which will for sure give you every information about the series by the end of it. Continue reading the article and you will be excited to read the novel after you complete this article. 

The Couple Breaker Chapter 38 Release Date

After the release of older chapters of the series, The Couple Breaker, the readers have demanded the publishers release the new chapters of the series soon so that they can read the series further and get excited more. So for this, the new chapter 38 of the romantic manga tale is all set to be released on August 31, 2023. 

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Previously In Chapters

The series, The Couple Breaker is a mid-way between falling in love and experiencing the truth of love life, facing betrayal and later turning into a relation of hatred between the couple itself. Before we saw Emillie and Daniel who were a good cute couple but soon they turned into a relationship of hatred when one of them found the other one betraying and quite disturbing due to some kind of reasons.

Later in the series, we will be seeing two fashion students who are trying to participate in a fashion show, along with their exes and presents. The protagonists of the series include the friends, Taerin and Ju-ah, who are going to take part in a competition with their partners. Ju-ah is in partnership with Kyung-mo, while Taerin is in partnership with Ju-ah’s ex, Yoon-Shik. There was a huge competition between them for they were fighting for a great opportunity. 

Predicted Plot Of Chapter 38

In the last chapters of the series, we saw a great rivalry between the couple Terrain and Yoon-Shik and Kyung-mo and Joo-ah for winning the photoshoot session to get to work as a professional model in the Mulsa, a Jewelry Brand. for the models, the couples will be chosen by the votes of the audience sitting and watching their photoshoot session.

Due to the inappropriate behavior of Kuyun-mo during the competition by asking for votes from the audience in the auditorium, there initiated a gap between the couple and Joo-ah was sure to be angry with Kyung-mo for his behavior. He has a personality as showcased in the earlier chapter of carrying a shallow nature of the human race. 

Kyung-mu is seen criticizing, Joo-ah and others for his behaviour. this shows how cowardly he is to accept his own fault rather than putting it onto the heads of other people. This will definitely make anyone go mad at Kyun-mu and now it feels like Joo-ah was sure to be greatly mad at him. Later in the chapter we saw, that the voting started and the maximum number of votes was for Terrain and Yoon-Shik. Kyun-mu’s clumsy behavior of begging for votes on the stage led them to lose the game.

After the winners were announced, Tarein and Yoon-Shik were happy to be the models of Mulsa a Jewelry Brand, while Joo-ah is seen as emotional and heartbroken, but on the other side, she is happy for her friend and her ex, that they have won the game as it was fair after seeing Kyung-mu’s bad behavior in the stage.

Where Is The Series Available

The series, The Couple Breaker, along with all its old chapters, upcoming chapters, and all the other series like this will be present on their official website manga novels. Fans can thus read the series here on Naver 

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