Where Is Edwin Hall Now? What Happened To Kelsey Smith’s Murderer?

As documented by Lifetime’s “Text Me When You Get Home” and A+E’s “Kelsey Smith”, Kansas City witnessed a brutal murder in early June 2009. The entire Missouri state along with each corner of the world was flabbergasted to discover about Kelsey Smith. She was a boisterous 18-year-old who was about to enrol into a university and pursue her dream of becoming a veteran. But before she could fulfil her dreams, Kelsey was attacked by Edwin Hall and had to lose her life due to this encounter.

Even now, after over a decade since the Smith tragedy, we are left wondering about the alleged murderer, Edwin Hall. Do you, too, want to explore more about the puzzle that is Hall and discover the answer to the question, “Where is Edwin Hall now?”, then dive in!

Where Is Edwin Hall Now?

Born in the early 1980s, Edwin Roy Hall became popular after Kelsey’s case was broadcasted by the media. Not much about Hall before 2009 is known since he has kept himself on the down low almost all his life. From what little is known about this mysterious person, Edwin seems to have been frequenting Target. Throughout his trial, the federal officers tried to explore Hall’s past but came out empty-handed. They couldn’t discover anything monumental about his past except a restaurant theft in which Edwin escaped the restaurant without paying the bill.

However, nothing else commissions Edwin’s psychopathic tendencies except the CCTV footage in which he is found following an oblivious Smith. It is due to this footage that Edwin Hall is currently imprisoned at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility. He is serving a 47-year-long sentence on the charge of kidnapping, murder and assault.

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Why Did Edwin Hall Kill Kelsey Smith?

Where Is Edwin Hall Now?

Born to Missy and Greg Smith, Kelsey was reportedly an aspiring veteran who boasted an energetic and boisterous personality. In an interview, her father referred to Kelsey as an extrovert who could “walk into a room of strangers and walk out with a room full of friends”. She relished in socializing and always kept her phone close to her. But when Kelsey went out to shop for a gift for her boyfriend, John, her phone went unreachable. The couple were planning to celebrate their sixth-month anniversary but before John could pick her up, Kelsey went missing.

Missy, Greg and John tried to contact Kelsey for four hours straight but to no avail. Greg immediately contacted his fellow police officers and urged them to investigate Kelsey’s sudden disappearance. The police officers immediately began searching for her. But it was John who found her car parked outside a department store sans Kelsey. Tension soared high as the officers found a CCTV footage in which a man clad in white was following Kelsey. While the telltale signs of kidnap and abuse were right in front of Greg and John, none of them were ready to consider such a heinous possibility.

How Was Edwin Hall Arrested?

The investigation led the officers to seek help from the local residents and the media. While most tips were futile, one turned out to be a game-changer for the investigation. The caller verified the snapshot of the man released by the officers to be of his neighbour, Edwin Hall. After requesting Kelsey’s call records, the officer started seeking concrete evidence against Hall. With the help of the phone records, the officers located Smith’s whereabouts. Unfortunately, Kelsey was long dead by then. According to her post-mortem report, Smith was brutally assaulted and strangled to death.

The police then proceeded to arrest Hall, who was planning to go on a long vacation out of Kansas. His DNA and fingerprints were matched with the ones found on Kelsey’s corpse and her car’s seatbelt. Edwin has apologized to Greg and Missy for his wrongdoings after being convicted of first-degree murder and assault. The reason why Hall murdered Smith still remains a mystery though. According to speculations, Kelsey became a victim of Edwin’s momentous actions and sick mindset.

Where Is Edwin Hall Now?–FAQs

1. Who Is Edwin Hall?

Hall is a Kansas native, renowned for his involvement in Kelsey Smith’s murder.

2. Were Kelsey Smith And Edwin Hall Friends?

No, the two were complete strangers.

3. Why Did Edwin Hall Murder Kelsey Smith?

Hall hasn’t confirmed his reasons for slaughtering Smith.

4. How Was Edwin Hall Arrested?

Edwin was arrested based on the snapshot of the CCTV footage found by the police officers.

5. Has Edwin Hall Accepted Kelsey Smith’s Murder Charges?

Yes, Hall has admitted to murdering Kelsey.

6. Where Is Edwin Hall Now?

Edwin is currently imprisoned at the Hutchinson Correctional Facility.

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