Destined With You Season 2 Release Date: Return Of The Kdrama?

K-dramas always present us with the most heartwarming stories. The romance in the K-dramas is famous for its beautiful moments and aesthetics. In a sentence, K-dramas are setting the expectations high for people who are searching for love. Destined With You is one of the most popular upcoming Korean dramas.

The plot revolves around two people. Lee Hong Yo and Jang Shin Yu belong to two entirely different worlds. Both of them are entirely different in their mannerism and personality. But it was fate that brought these two close together. Nobody expected the duo to be entangled in this way but this accidentally formed romance takes their lives to the next level. Well, of course, we will talk about Lee and Jang. We will also take a look at their journey.

But before that, let us focus on the topic here. What is the release date of Destined With You Season 2? If you are also here to know about this, then please take your time and read this article we have here.

Destined With You Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know 

If you watch Korean dramas, one thing you already know is their nature to stay within one season. Unless the stories get extremely out of hand with their characters, K-dramas usually do not introduce another season. The makers always try and keep the stories concise, neat, and fresh. In Destined With You, we can see two people, Lee and Jang fighting against a curse. 

They even meet each other only die to this random weird factor. Otherwise, Lee and Jang would not have even met each other in their lives. Both of them belong to seperate areas and professions. After its release, the Kdrama became intensely popular over the course of a few weeks. Now, the fans are curious. What is Destined With You Season 2 release date? When are we getting the sequel? 

As of now, there is no official news about Destined With You Season 2 release date. The creators have not spoken about its renewal or cancellation. Right now, we have two episodes. The second episode aired on 24th August 2023. Unless all the episodes are here, we would not be able to speculate about a new season. And unless the whole season gets good viewership and reviews, the makers will not think of a second installment. Whether Jang Shin Yu gets freed from the curse by Lee Hong Yo or not will be revealed after the last episode is here. So, before thinking about Destined With You Season 2 release date, let’s watch the first season completely.

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Destined With You: The Never-Ending Love Story?

K-dramas never fail to amaze us, right? Let us talk about Destined With You. As the title suggests, two people get close together as if it was written somewhere. As if, they were ‘destined’ to be together. The story revolves around Lee and Jang. Lee Hong Jo works as a civil servant, while Jang Shin Yu is an expert lawyer. Where Lee suffers from a severe workload and abusive workplace environment, Jang suffers from a disease, an unexplainable curse. 

Although both of them hail from different worlds and different social standards, in one place, they are the same. They suffer, they are alone, they seek love. Jang discovers that he has a century-old curse. It has been running in their family for generations – to date, nobody has been able to figure out how to nullify the evil curse. On the other hand, Lee finds out that she somehow owns a chest. Inside that old wooden box, she finds a key that would be instrumental in saving Jang.

As the drama moves forward, we get to see these two people getting together. They start developing a romance as if their strings were tied in heaven. Lee is used to staying alone but Jang always loves to be the center of attention. Despite their differences, how Lee and Jang move together, is a sight to admire.

The Team Behind Destined With You And Where To Watch It

Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah play the role of our couple, Jang and Lee. Other notable cast members include Ha Jun, Lee Tae-ri, Kim Kwon, Wi Ha-joon, Hyeon Bong-sik, Lee Pil-mo, Hye-ok KIM, Park Jae-joon and Park Gyeong-hye.

This romance fantasy K-drama is created by Roh Ji-sul and Nam Ki-hoon. As of now, there are only 2 episodes of the first season. If you want to watch Destined With You on Netflix by clicking here.

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