Where Is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now? The 17-Year-Old Mother Who Lost Her Child! 

When her little daughter fell off from the sixth-floor balcony, she felt numb and helpless! Shockingly enough, she wasn’t even allowed to sit with her in the ambulance. A deadly murder was plotted against Isabella Nardoni. This 5-year-old kid couldn’t battle for long. The direct suspect in this case was her biological father. This story reminds us of Ana Carolina Oliveira and her beloved daughter, Isabella. Thanks to Netflix who thought of covering the epic murder mystery of March 2008. 

From complicated legal questioning to heavy media attention, this mother has faced it all out there. When she lost her child, she knew she had to fight for justice! This brings us down to the main discussion of the day, the audience is undoubtedly curious to know more about this case. The brand new Netflix documentary film, A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case has recently caught our attention! Thus on popular demand, here is everything you need to know about Ana Carolina Oliveira. 

Where Is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now? The 17-Year-Old Mother Who Lost Her Child! 

Where Is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now? The 17-Year-Old Mother Who Lost Her Child! 

Love can make you do anything, and that’s why even after being pregnant at the mere age of 17, Carolina decided to marry the love of her life, Alexandre Nardoni. Little did she know that her imaginary bubble would soon burst out. Her parents, José Arcanjo and Rosa Oliveira were obviously against her outrageous decision. After giving birth to Isabella, Carolina knew that her marriage was not working out. As a result, when Isabella was just 11 months old, that’s when she decided to go for a divorce case. 

But then the question was who could take full responsibility for Isabella? Surprisingly, instead of filing for full custody, the couple decided to go for co-parenting. For almost four years, Carolina was trying to maintain a decent relationship with Alexandre, after all, she cannot deny the fact that he was her child’s father. But then his ex-husband decided to marry again and that’s where the actual problem started. Well, before we tell you more about her past life, let us quickly answer the most asked question about her. Speaking of her current whereabouts, she is still very much alive and continues to miss her little daughter, Isabella. 

Recently, she even shared a picture on Instagram, stating that it would have been her daughter’s 21st birthday. According to the information gathered by us, she now knows how to live with her pain. After losing her first child, she did not really end her life. She did try her best and ultimately was able to come out from her depression. Ana Carolina Oliveira also had a second marriage and her current partner is extremely supportive of her. She even shares two beautiful children with him. 

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Did Ana Carolina Believe The Fact Her Ex-Husband Happened To Be The Murderer Of Isabella? 

Where Is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now? The 17-Year-Old Mother Who Lost Her Child! 

The whole of Brazil was in shock when they learned of Isabella Nardoni! As per her father and stepmother, it was she who jumped out of the window. But the deadly scars on her body were saying otherwise. It seemed like before dying, she was tortured a lot. But shockingly enough, Oliveira did not think once that Alexandre would be the murderer of her child! 

It always appeared to her that Alexandre would have never harmed their daughter. But again in the testimony, she recalled a moment where Alexandre openly threatened to kill Oliveira and her mother. This happened because Alexandre was not paying the alimony amount in time and Oliveira was constantly demanding the same. Moreover, there was also a time when Alexandre tried to scare her by running away with their little daughter, Isabella. 

Was Anna Jatobá Envious Of Ana Carolina Oliveira?

Well, according to the testimony placed by Oliveira, it seems like Jatobá was not really fond of being friends with her. Moreover, most of the time Jatobá has been rude and harsh to her. Even that day, when she called Oliveira, she was literally shouting on the phone. Interestingly, she was blaming it all on Isabella! According to Jatobá, it was Isabella’s fault that she jumped off from the sixth floor of the building. In the testimony delivered by Oliveira, she further added that from the very beginning, Jatobá has been envious of her. 

Where Is Ana Carolina Oliveira Now? The 17-Year-Old Mother Who Lost Her Child! – FAQs

1. Was Ana Carolina Oliveira married to Alexandre Nardoni? 

Yes, Ana Carolina Oliveira was married to Alexandre Nardoni. 

2. At what age did Isabella Nardoni die?

Isabella Nardoni died at the mere age of just five. 

3. Is Ana Carolina Oliveira still alive?

Yes, Ana Carolina Oliveira is still alive.

4. How many total children did Ana Carolina Oliveira have after Isabella? 

After the death of Isabella, Ana Carolina Oliveira had two children, namely, Maria and Miguel.

5. Is Ana Carolina Oliveira married? 

Yes, after coming out from depression, Ana Carolina Oliveira decided to tie her second wedding knot. 

6. Is Ana Carolina Oliveira still depressed?

No, Ana Carolina Oliveira is no longer in depression. 

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