Where is Clayton Stafford Now? Why Was He Sentenced? Detailed Study On His Life!

Hulu has always provided shows and series which have been loved by viewers a lot. One such series is ” Cold Cases: DNA Speaks” which shows different criminal cases. These cases were impossible to solve but have been solved. In this series’ first season, we see the murder case of Shawna Yandell. It was a case that was impossible to be solved as there was no proper evidence. But it got solved and Clayton Stafford was found guilty of this murder. So now after hearing about this people have questions like why was Shawna killed? When and how was the murder case of Shawna Yandell solved? Where is Clayton Stafford now? So to get answers to such questions you have to read this article till the end. All the information about this case and the murderer and victim is there in this article.

Where Is Clayton Stafford Now?

Currently, Stafford is in Airway Heights Correction Center in Washington serving his sentence. Stafford was sentenced to life after he was found guilty of the murder. This was done on 6 May, 2010 and till now Clayton is serving this sentence in Washington. Shawna’s family members welcomed this punishment and were satisfied with the court’s decision. Shannon, Shawna’s sister, also stated in an interview that it was great to hear about this punishment as after sixteen years this case was solved. But for Shawna’s grandmother, it was not satisfying, she wished that Stafford should have been given the death penalty.

After getting the sentence to life, Stafford said that he was not responsible for this murder. According to him, he has been sentenced for a crime that he never committed. And the original criminal who is associated with the murder is still roaming around freely. Also, Stafford’s legal team filed an appeal but it was rejected by the Court of Appeals.

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What Was The Reason For Shawna Yandell’s Death?

Shawna has shifted to Washington looking for work. She is originally from Arkansas and was a blonde and bubbly girl. Shawna came into a relationship with Travis Sinden in 1993. Now this couple went to Sportsman’s Park which was situated beside the Yakima River. They went there and drank alcohol. Travis drank a lot of alcohol and now he was not in his senses. After he woke up, he found that Shawna wanted to go home. Then they decided to go to the Wilkey family who were relatives of Travis. But it was midnight, and there were no vehicles to take them there. Also, the park ranger refused to take them there in his vehicle. And the Wilkey family also refused to pick them up from there as it was midnight.

After this, they both went back to the bar and Travis again fell asleep in the restroom. After he woke up, he found that Shawna was missing. He got tensed and searched for her everywhere and at last filed a missing report. Some scouting boys found the body of Shawna while they were canoeing. This was the same place where they both were last together. After the body was found, the investigators said that she was found nude except for her bra. There were sperm traces in some places on her body and a wound on her head. This was the autopsy report and the cause of her death was said to be a blow to her head with a hard object.

Who Was The Killer Of Shawna Yandell?

It was almost sixteen years since the murderer was not found as there was a lack of evidence. In 2009, the sperm which was found on Shawna’s body got matched with Clayton Stafford. Now Stafford already had a bad legal history in his life. He was caught in trouble in California, Oregon, and Idaho. After he was matched with the sperm collected from Shawna’s body, he was arrested. Stafford got charges of first-degree rape and first-degree murder. After being presented near the court, he continuously refused to know Travis or Shawna. But one woman named Theresa LaFray confirmed that she had seen him covered in blood one night in 1993. Upon asking the reason for the blood, he said that he fought with some Mexican group. Now these two pieces of evidence were enough to find Stafford guilty of the crime.

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