Where Is Inna Budnytska Now? The Rape Victim Who Managed To Escape Death!

This serial killer would have never been discovered without the help of Inna Budnytska. When the person who raped her was just imprisoned for merely 2 years, she lost all her belief in the legal system. Firstly, she was raped, then tortured, and left to die in a naked state! But this story didn’t really end with Inna’s case. Soon after it was revealed that Michael Lee Jones is not an ordinary human! After all, Inna wasn’t his first victim, he happens to be a deadly serial killer and thus we come down to the main discussion of the day. 

Thanks to ABC‘s all-time popular true crime docuseries which again reminded us of Inna Budnytska! 20/20 Season 41 Episode 32, titled The Woman in the Suitcase starts with a sexual assault survivor named Inna. All thanks go to the utility worker who felt like informing the cops out there. Thus, this mysterious case came in front of the Miami police department! Two detectives played a huge role in solving this rape case. Thus here is everything you need to know about Inna Budnytska and Michael Lee Jones.  

Where Is Inna Budnytska Now? The Rape Victim Who Managed To Escape Death!

Where Is Inna Budnytska Now? The Rape Victim Who Managed To Escape Death!

She was a mere 21-year-old young adult when she was brutally raped by Michael Lee Jones. She was seen to be a lively person! Originally she comes from Ukraine and for the time being, she was working in one of the cruises that operated from the Miami port. Sources confirmed that she was staying at the Miami Airport Regency Hotel when this traumatizing incident happened to her. Luckily, due to the unbeatable intelligence of Ken Brennan, Michael Lee Jones was arrested by the Miami-Dade police department. 

But interestingly enough, Jones’ attorney managed to reduce his prison period. It was indeed a major disappointment for Inna. She did not know what to say or how to react, but she knew that justice was compromised in her case. Since the decision was already given by the judges, she couldn’t do anything against it. But Brennan was keen to look further into this complicated rape case. Surprisingly enough his doubt was correct! Eventually, it was discovered that Jones is not a clean man!

As a result of this, Jones was sentenced to prison for 24 years! Finally, Inna was satisfied with the thought that his culprit is going to rot in jail. In addition to this, Inna also received a settlement from the hotel. Since her safety was compromised, she got compensation worth $3,00,000. But again, the pain she went through cannot be compared with monetary value. Speaking of her current whereabouts, very little is known about her. She is a highly private person and most likely prefers to stay away from the media. 

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Inna Budnytska And Her Survival Journey! What Happened That Morning?

Where Is Inna Budnytska Now? The Rape Victim Who Managed To Escape Death!

We cannot end this segment without reminding you of this eye-opening rape case. It all happened around 3 a.m. To get a local sim card, Inna stepped out of her room! She was back within half an hour and the first time the Miami-Dade police scanned the cameras, no evidence was found by them. Due to a lack of evidence, the police weren’t acting wisely, and thus, Inna had to sue the hotel! And then this case was given over to Brennan! Thankfully, the private investigator managed to get in the good books of the former officer-in-charge. 

With the help of Allen Foote, Ken was able to go through all the camera records and that’s when he solved this mystery! When Inna returned to the hotel, a giant man was seen around her! After a gap of 1 hour and 30 minutes, this same man left the hotel with a giant suitcase bag. Interestingly enough, it seemed like the man was struggling quite a bit with the large suitcase and this happened to be the ultimate nail in the coffin. 

Inna was in that suitcase, and that’s why during the first investigation, no evidence was found here. Thus, started the hunt for the black man, and finally, the police learned about Michael Lee Jones. He was called to the police station and obviously, he tried to sound decent and innocent. But then came the DNA reports, within a month it was proved that Jones was the rapist of Inna Budnytska! 

Where Is Inna Budnytska Now? The Rape Victim Who Managed To Escape Death! – FAQs

1. Is Inna Budnytska still alive?

Yes, Inna Budnytska is still very much alive. 

2. Is Michael Lee Jones dead?

No, Michael Lee Jones is not dead. 

3. Is Inna Budnytska a rape victim?

Yes, Inna Budnytska happens to be a rape victim? 

4. Was justice ever delivered to Inna Budnytska?

Yes, justice was delivered to Inna Budnytska. 

5. Was Inna Budnytska found naked by a utility worker? 

After being raped and tortured to death, Inna Budnytska was found naked by a utility worker. 

6. Who solved the rape case of Inna Budnytska?

It was private investigator Ken Brennan who solved the rape case of Inna Budnytska. 

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