Is Snitch Based On A True Story? What Is The Story Behind The Movie? Is It A Fictional Plotline Or All Facts? Detailed Study On It!

Roman Waugh always wants to give the audience some real stuff. He always says that he wants to give something realistic and grounded to the screens. So this 2013 movie also has a similar kind of motive. It is a fact that movies with a true story have always made the people love them. Now today we are going to talk about one such movie titled “Snitch”. This movie has kept the audience on the edge of their seats. It has been loved by all the viewers and got a very positive response. Now is Snitch based on a true story? This is the question many people have in their minds about this movie. To know the answer to this question and know more about the movie read this article fully till the end.

Is Snitch Based On A True Story?

No, Snitch is not completely based on a true story. What we can find in this movie is partially the truth. There are many scenes and characters that hold some authenticity. Actually, it has taken inspiration from an episode of “Frontline”. It is the story of James Settembrino and his son Joey Settembrino. Joey was just eighteen years old when he was sentenced to ten years of imprisonment due to his involvement in drug trafficking in 1992. However, according to Joey, he was unaware of the illegal activities and he was set up in the operation. It was not his will to indulge in such kinds of activities. His father became a DEA informant and took some extraordinary measures to help him. Now as an informant, he made many people who were involved in drug trafficking go behind bars.

Further Story On Snitch

Now as an award for his actions, his son’s sentence was reduced to five years. This was his award and he was successful in helping his son. Also, his son was released from the prison after serving some time there. Now we see a similar kind of story in this movie. It stars Dwayne Johnson who works in a construction company. Now he becomes an undercover agent to help his son who is in jail. He wants to reduce the prison time of his son. Also, Roman Waugh has said in an interview that he wants to make a realistic movie every time. He always wants to show genuine stories on screens. In the movie, he also went undercover as a police officer. This was because he wanted to learn about the life behind the bars.

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What About The Cast?

Waugh wanted his movie to look realistic and grounded. So he selected Dwayne for the lead role through which he wanted to show that physical strength doesn’t work in real life. Now Dwayne becomes John Matthews in which he has to act as a vulnerable person. His muscular strength doesn’t guarantee his safety and he has to suffer just like a normal person.

Dwayne loved the story and accepted the challenge to do this role. We can see a different mode of Dwayne as he is seen ducking and saving himself from flying bullets. It is very different as we have seen him seizing weapons or clearing a room full of assassins in earlier movies. Other cast members have also done a good job of showing the movie as a real-life story. These cast members include Jon Bernthal, Barry Pepper, Susan Sarandon, Rafi Gavron, and so on.

About The Movie

This action thriller movie has been directed by Roman Waugh. It tells a story about a father and a son. John Matthews is the father of Daniel James who has gone behind bars for drug dealing. Now this movie shows us how John becomes an undercover informant. This leads to saving his son from the prison. But the journey is not so simple and there are many challenges faced by John.

Daniel was wrongfully captured by the authorities and put in jail so now John has to do something. It is a movie full of action-packed scenes but it is not only action in this movie. This movie also reflects the growth of actors in response to moral challenges. Also, the film emphasizes on the effects of statutory minimum sentence regulations for drug trafficking. It shows how these regulations affect the lives of the loved ones. So this 2013 movie brings viewers close to the dangerous life and conditions of drug trading.

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