Where Is Alexandre Nardoni Now? A Father Who Did Not Think Twice Before Killing His Daughter! 

The post-mortem report revealed everything, a hidden mystery lies behind Isabella’s shocking death. She died before the ambulance could even reach the hospital. The scars on her body and the way this little 5-year-old was tortured were truly making the whole of Brazil angry! The direct suspect in this case was Alexandre Nardoni, the biological father of Isabella. It just couldn’t be any worse than this, if a daughter is not safe with her father, then whom should she trust? This also became an infamous question out there! While the media was busy covering this case, Isabella’s mother was broken and shattered apart. 

It all began with the investigation procedure. When the investigation team raided Alexandre’s apartment, traces of blood were found! Soon after they could understand that Alexandre and his newlywed wife, Anna Carolina Jatobá might be involved in this murder mystery. No mercy was shown in the ruling of this case, the unfortunate demise of Isabella Nardoni truly shocked us a lot. Recently with a newly launched Netflix documentary film, we learned further about this murder mystery. A Life Too Short: The Isabella Nardoni Case takes us back to 2008. And on majority demand, here is everything we know about the murderer of this case. 

Where Is Alexandre Nardoni Now? A Father Who Did Not Think Twice Before Killing His Daughter! 

Where Is Alexandre Nardoni Now? A Father Who Did Not Think Twice Before Killing His Daughter! 

From marrying Ana Carolina Oliveira to divorcing her to killing his innocent little daughter, this murder mystery brought the whole city into action. People were immensely angry and continuously voicing up for the immediate punishment of Alexandre Nardoni and her second wife, Jatobá. They tried a lot to convince the court that they were innocent, but their contradicting testimonies badly backfired on them. It was indeed shocking to hear that Alexandre Nardoni killed his very own daughter of 5 years old. 

As per the information collected by us, Alexandre was highly aggressive towards Oliveira. This was one of the main reasons why they considered separating their ways. Even after separating, there was a moment when Alexandre threatened to kill Oliveira and her mother. This was clearly a red signal for Oliveira, but unfortunately, she failed to see how dangerous his ex-husband could be. Speaking of the current whereabouts of Alexandre, he is still very much in jail. 

No matter how much he denies, he is ultimately seen to be the murderer of his daughter. After two years, justice was finally seen in this case. The rulings came out in March 2010, Alexandre was sentenced for a period not less than 31 years, one month, and ten days! In addition to murder charges, he was also held liable for the tampering of evidence. 

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Was Alexandre A Good Father To Isabella? 

Where Is Alexandre Nardoni Now? A Father Who Did Not Think Twice Before Killing His Daughter! 

According to the wordings and testimonies presented by Oliveira, at the beginning of their separation, Nardoni was pretty much decent with their daughter, Isabella. She has never seen him to be harsh with her. After marrying Jatobá, since Nardoni was still into co-parenting, Isabella used to spend most of the weekends in her father’s apartment. Interestingly enough, according to Jatobá, Isabella was pretty much close to her and she has always treated her as a part of the family! But again, there was clearly some issue going on between Nardoni and Jatobá. The couple never really revealed the real motive behind killing Isabella but their contradicting and questionable statements surely portrayed them more as a culprit. 

What Was The Evidence Found Against Alexandre Nardoni? 

On one hand, Isabella’s father was constantly denying the fact that he had killed his daughter. While on the other hand, the investigation team found some shocking pieces of evidence against him. Starting with Isabella’s blood which was found both in Nardoni’s car and in his apartment to her vomit on his T-shirt, Nardoni was definitely under the radar of the cops. Again, traces of nylon which was possibly a part of the wire safety screen were also found in his T-shirt! Nardoni clearly couldn’t say much against these many proofs. He once said that a mysterious man had broken into their apartment, but again there wasn’t any proof found and thus his statement was never believed. Moreover, the scissor which was used to cut the wire was also found in the apartment. 

Where Is Alexandre Nardoni Now? A Father Who Did Not Think Twice Before Killing His Daughter! – FAQs

1. Is Alexandre Nardoni finally out of jail?

No, Alexandre Nardoni is not out of jail. 

2. Is Alexandre Nardoni the real killer of his daughter? 

Yes, Alexandre Nardoni is seen to be the original killer of his daughter. 

3. Was Alexandre Nardoni the only person charged for the murder of Isabella? 

Anna Carolina Jatobá was also punished along with Alexandre Nardoni for the murder of Isabella Nardoni. 

4. How many total children did Alexandre have with Jatobá? 

Alexandre and Jatobá shared a total of 2 children. 

5. Did Alexandre Nardoni ever accept the fact that he had killed his daughter? 

No, Alexandre Nardoni has never accepted the fact that he has killed his daughter. 

6. Is Alexandre Nardoni innocent?

No proof was found against Alexandre Nardoni which could have possibly framed him as innocent. 

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