Where Is Donald Bohana Now? Did He Really Kill Dee Dee Jackson?

Date nights are always exciting, aren’t they? The joy of driving through less crowded thoroughfares, and enjoying the nightlife while being at peace with your partner – the perfect combo for a date. But what if the date night turned out to be your last night? What if your date decided to murder you? This is exactly what Donald Bohana did.

The reason for which Donald got his ‘fame’ is murder. He killed his date partner Dee Dee Jackson while they were out for a date. The police found out later on that although Dee Dee was found drowning, there were signs of force. There were other bruises on her body which indicated that her death was not a swimming pool accident. 

Later on, Donald was arrested and put behind bars. So, where is Donald Bohana now? What happened to him after the police caught him? To know this, please take your time and read our article below.

Where Is Donald Bohana Now? Whereabouts Of The Ex-businessman

In the initial phases, when the authorities found Dee Dee’s body, nobody suspected anything. Donald called the police and paramedics. On the emergency hotline, he informed me that he found someone in his pool. Later on, in front of the police, Donald identified the body as her partner. He acted as if he is not being able to believe his own eyes. Although he was the one to call, the police took him for questioning. Donald repeatedly claimed that Dee Dee Jackson was an expert swimmer. But in the court, Donald was proven guilty.

But now the question is about Donald. Where is Donald Bohana Now? Is he still in jail? Before delving deep into the murder case of Dee Dee Jackson, let me tell you the answers. No, Donald is not in jail now. The court ordered Donald to stay in prison for 15 years. In 2022 December, after almost 25 years, he got paroled. Right now, we don’t know where Donald Bohana is. After this incident came to light, detectives literally stopped their investigation. It was the media who pushed this case for justice. Due to the media’s force, the jury decided to take over. Donald Bohana was charged with severe assault and 2nd Degree Murder.

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The Murder Of Dee Dee Jackson: We Have You Covered 

Dee Dee Jackson was mainly famous for her involvement with the Jackson 5. If you were a fan of 90s music, you already know about this band. Dee Dee actually married Tito Jackson. The duo met each other unexpectedly and fell in love. After Dee Dee graduated from Fairfax High School, the girl from Los Angeles married Tito. She even had a child with him. But for some reason or the other, Dee Dee’s fate got tied up with Donald Bohana.

Toriano Adaryll Tito Jackson and Delores Vilma Dee Dee Martes Jackson were the high school lovebirds everyone admired. They married each other in 1972. But a few years later, in 1993, the couple separated. Reportedly, after a few days, Dee Dee started dating Donald Bohana. Donald was at least 20 years older than her. This might seem odd at every possible level, but you cannot put logic in front of feelings. Donald was actually a businessman. Their relationship lasted for at least 8 months until Dee Dee died. 

She used to visit Donald’s house for dates. The incident happened on 26th August 1994. Dee Dee was with Donald for a romantic night. The date was going alright but 911 operators got a call from Donald. When they arrived, they found Dee Dee Jackson’s body in the pool.

Donald Bohana: Who Was He, His Trial, And Much More

Donald James Bohana was actually a businessperson. He had his own market but for some reason, things were not going too smoothly for him. Donald was knee-deep in severe debt. After Dee Dee died, her family filed some reports against him. According to all the proofs, Donald Bohana was a bankrupt person. He was failing to make payments and hence Donald kept on borrowing. This made his situation worse. When nothing seemed to work, Donald requested Dee Dee for some money. She rejected his request. This was later considered the main motive behind Dee Dee Jackson’s murder.

Now, when the police arrived, they found Donald in a drunk state. He was abusive and refused to even comply with them. 911 operators later on informed the detectives that Donald was sober when he called. He was excessively calm and more importantly, did not mention the name of Dee Dee. As more days passed, autopsy experts found injury around the orbital bone and the eyeball. Plus, there were bruises on Dee Dee’s lips and injuries on her body. Donald Bohana had beaten Dee Dee before suffocating her to death in his swimming pool. Although Donald kept on saying he is innocent, the court sentenced him to prison. After 24 years, he got his parole.

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