Is Donyelle Johnson Dead Or Alive? Is She Still Missing? Detailed Study On Her Life History!

Crime Junkie always has shown the real tragedy cases. This is a podcast by them in which they talk about the 21-year-old Donyelle Johnson. Now this girl had gone missing mysteriously. It was in early April 1989 and the last time she was seen heading to her school in Florida. Now it has been more than three decades and she hasn’t been found yet. So what happened to Donyelle Johnson? Is Donyelle Johnson dead or alive? These are the questions one will have after listening to the podcast. So in this article, we have talked about this case and given information about Donyelle. Read this article fully till the end to know about Donyelle and the current status of this case.

Is Donyelle Johnson Dead Or Alive?

There is no confirmation about the death of Donyelle and she is still missing. No one has seen her till now after she went missing. As of now, the police are working on this case and they are trying to find her out. She was having an affair in 1989 with 41-year-old Cleveland Hill Jr who was married. Donyelle was 21 years old at that time. This information was given to the police by Juanita and Mack. They came to know about the affair when Donyelle came with an expensive car to her house. Friends of Donyelle confirmed that Cleveland always used to give Donyelle expensive gifts and money. He used to give a fixed amount of money twice a week. After knowing about the affair, her parents told her to stop it. Also, they told her to return each and every gift.

Mack was in a confrontation with Cleveland before his daughter went missing. He told the investigators that his daughter understood the red flags and wanted to stop it. She wanted to discontinue this relationship with the old man. But reacting to this, Cleveland came to their house and got into an argument with Mack. Cleveland threatened Mack by saying Enjoy with your daughter for the last time. Earlier also he threatened Donyelle about making her disappear. When police checked about his past, he wasn’t having a normal life.

According to Cleveland’s daughter, her father used to practice black magic. She told the police that he had a truck in which the word ” black magic” was engraved. There were other crimes also which he was alleged to like drug trafficking, adulterer, and a murderer. Also, he was said to have kidnapped his wife for worshipping the devil.

About Cleveland Hill Jr

Cleveland had at least seven affairs in which there were three women who went missing. These women are Donyelle, Margaret Dash, and Retha Hiers. All of these women’s cars were found abandoned and disappeared similar to each other. According to court records, Cleveland was alleged to have four paternity cases. Investigation was done in all the missing cases but Cleveland always said he had nothing to do with the disappearance. His daughter also said that he used to abuse and beat his wife. Cleveland also shot his mother-in-law and wife but they survived. Finally, he died in 2018 and was never charged for the missing women cases. But he was always the prime suspect in these missing cases.

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Donyelle Johnson: What Happened To Her?

She was born on 14 November 1967 in Florida to Mack and Juanita Johnson. Donyelle was last seen on 4 April 1989 when she went to college. She studied at St.Petersburg Junior College. But her school said that she never reached there and did any class that day. Then her parents told the authorities about this situation on 6 April. But they received a letter from their daughter on the same day. It stated that she was involved with drugs and moved to Orlando. Her vehicle was found abandoned near a restaurant. This vehicle was cited by a mysterious man named Johnny Bailey who still has not been identified.

However, the authorities have made him a suspect as he knew that the car had issues. This was because he told the authorities that the car had issues so he made it tow. Now what happened to Donyelle is still not known. Nobody knows whether Donyelle is dead or still alive. But currently, she can be said to be missing and still, the case is open.

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