Is The Deer Hunter Based on a True Story? Let’s Find The Bckstory Behind The Movie!

Movies with real backstories have been there for a long time. Also, there is a fact that these movies with true stories are more loved by people. They feel more connected with the plot of the film. And they see the characters that are shown in the movie as real ones. It develops a different connection between the people and the movie. Today we will be talking about one such movie and its authenticity. The film we are going to talk about is titled “The Deer Hunter”. After watching this movie and its exciting plot, people have many questions in their minds. One such question is, is The Deer Hunter based on a true story? You will get all your answers in this article and also know more about the movie.

Is The Deer Hunter Based On A True Story?

This movie is partially based on a true story. There are some scenes in the movie that have happened for real. Directed by Cimino this movie has been written by Michael Cimino, Washburn, Quinn K. Redeker, and Louis Garfinkle. This is a movie about the Vietnam War and shows the same story. None of the characters in this movie are real. However, the experience shown by war veterans and steel factory workers holds some authenticity. It is not a story about the war and it doesn’t glorify the war. But instead, it tells about the consequences and conditions post-war. It shows everyone what happens after all the unnecessary violence.

Also, there are many wrong things shown in the movie like Vietcong’s behavior wasn’t like what was shown in the movie. De Niro was also not very young to participate in the war. One famous scene from the movie was the “Russian Roulette” scene which was also not as per reality. Also, during the Academy Awards in 1979, 13 war veterans gave their objections against the harrowing scene. According to them, it was very disrespectful to their actual suffering in Saigon. This film won many awards like Best Director, Best Sound, Best Editing, Best Picture, and so on.

It was the director’s thought to make this movie hyperrealistic. Hence, we can see one of the Vietnamese characters slapping Walken without telling him. So the reaction of this slap was real as it was shocking for Walken. Mike and Nick gave her authentic reactions in the whole movie which makes it look like the real story.

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About The Cast Of This Movie

Cast members of this movie have also done a pretty good job in making the film look like a real one. Michael, who played the character of De Niro, went to the steel factory. This was so that he could get the experience of how the men in the steel factory work. So this experience of his was put on the movie and he acted like a real Steel factory worker. Steven, Nick, and Linda have also done an incredible job. All these characters acted very naturally which made the movie look authentic. Without these actors, this film wouldn’t have been such a big one. Also, they are well-versed in the story of the movie. These cast members have received many positive reviews from the audience. And these actors have won many awards for the movie and themselves too.

What Does The Movie Show?

This movie is about three steel factory workers who are sent to Saigon. These three steel factory workers are Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and John Savage. Now they are residents of a small working-class town but soon they are picked up from there. Now they have shifted to Saigon from Pennsylvania. So this movie shows their journey from normal steel factory workers to war soldiers. It shows how they are now at enemy camps where life is miserable. Their good sheltered life as steel factory workers is now taken from them. This movie shows partially the true sufferings of the Veterans of the Vietnamese War. So to watch the journey and suffering of these normal steel factory workers you have to watch the movie.

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