Where Is Michael Lee Jones Now? Is The Vicious Rapist Out Of Jail? 

Infamously known as “the suitcase rapist”, Michael Lee Jones has reappeared on our interest list. Thanks to the popular TV show, 20/20: The Woman in the Suitcase which again reminded us of Inna Budnytska! Initially, the police thought of him as a mediocre rapist but then the police learned more about his criminal history. Michael Lee Jones is undoubtedly a dangerous criminal and thanks to Brennan for his mastermind idea of sending his DNA to the CODIS, the FBI’s national database. 

Initially, when everyone learned about Inna Budnytska, we were petrified to think that the rapist managed to get away with the crime he had committed. Since no evidence was found, the police had no clue how to proceed with this rape case! But guess what, he is not only a dirty-minded rapist but also a deadly serial killer! After being raped, tortured, and sexually abused, Inna was left to die on the streets. This clearly states what type of a person Lee is. Thus, here is everything to know about this deadly criminal. 

Where Is Michael Lee Jones Now? Is The Vicious Rapist Out Of Jail? 

Where Is Michael Lee Jones Now? Is The Vicious Rapist Out Of Jail? 

Before Inna became his innocent victim, Michael had already raped 3 other women out there. Specifically for Inna’s rape case, Michael was imprisoned only for two years. He managed to plead for lower sexual assault charges and since, back then no criminal records were found against him, his request was entertained. Inna was obviously disappointed with the rulings of the legal system. 

But the private investigator, Brennan had different thoughts in mind. He was pretty much sure that Inna couldn’t be his very first and last rape victim! Ken was absolutely correct, after sending his DNA to the national database record of the FBI, within a year Jones’ DNA had matched with three other rape survivors. It was indeed quite shocking and alarming for the whole city. Given Jones’ sweet-coated and clumsy personality, no one could have ever thought that Lee had already done such serious crimes before. 

But finally, Inna was about to receive the justice she deserved in actual terms. Currently, Michael is completing his prolonged prison period. He was meant to be imprisoned for a period not less than 24 years! Not only was he convicted of sexual assault, but he was also given a prison period of 12 years for his second act of violent sexual misconduct. Recently, a few online sources confirmed that his first-ever parole has been scheduled for the year 2031.

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Michael Lee Jones – The Giant Fat Rapist Who Destroyed Four Lives! 

Where Is Michael Lee Jones Now? Is The Vicious Rapist Out Of Jail? 

Inna’s case truly brought Jones’ cruel and real side to the whole world. It was she who managed to stay strong and fight against the wrong done to her. Moreover, Ken Brennan has also played a huge role in this rape case. As estimated by Ken, Lee wasn’t a mediocre human being! He seemed to be quite fake and part by part, Ken was able to dissect this rapist. As the new DNA reports came, Lee was sent to Colorado Springs for his second hearing.

Further investigation revealed that previously, Jones has raped two women in New Orleans and one girl in Colorado. Shockingly enough, the Colorado rape survivor, namely, Jennifer Roessler was even attacked by him. Ultimately, she was called to give her testimony, but unfortunately, she passed away quite early. As a result of this, Inna was called to the court, and after trying extremely hard, she could recall some of the most difficult moments of her life! 

For the previous three rape cases, Michael Lee Jones was able to fool around with the cops. He always had this clean image in front of the public, thus no one could have ever questioned his personality! Even after raping Inna, Jones dared to walk back into the hotel and carry out his regular work. But the suitcase surely gave him trouble, he is quite giant and strong, but trailing around Inna’s body wasn’t easy for him. This is also one of the main reasons why Brennan managed to notice the abnormality in his body language. That’s all for now, to learn more about other eye-catching true crime docuseries, stay connected with us, just right here. 

Where Is Michael Lee Jones Now? Is The Vicious Rapist Out Of Jail? – FAQs

1. Is Michael Lee Jones a deadly criminal?

Yes, Michael Lee Jones is a deadly criminal.

2. Is Michael Lee Jones out of prison?

No, Michael Lee Jones is still in prison. 

3. Is Michael Lee Jones a rapist?

Yes, Michael Lee Jones is seen to be a dangerous rapist. 

4. Was Michael Lee Jones imprisoned only for two years?

Initially, Michael Lee Jones was imprisoned only for two years, but then it was revised to 24 years.

5. Who is known to be “the suitcase rapist?”

Michael Lee Jones is Infamously known as “the suitcase rapist.”

6. How many rape cases were filed against Michael Lee Jones?

A total of 4 rape cases were filed against Michael Lee Jones. 

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