Bajao Season 2: Release Date, Story, Review And Watching Platform

Recently, web series watchers as well as hip-hop fans have been happier than ever. This is a rare incident that happens once in a while in life. But the reason behind this is Bajao. Bajao is a web series that was announced a few months ago. It is the first ever web series where Raftaar will be coming on the big screens.

Yes, you have heard it right. The famous mainstream rapper is setting his foot into the acting and OTT industry through his first web series, Bajao. The story revolves around three artists who are trying their best to step inside the Punjabi pop industry. It is a huge empire that the OG artists have built over the years. And these three upcoming artists, are Ved, Cookie, and Dhaari. The series sets up a very bromantic tone between these budding pop singers. On their journey, they also try to revive an elder singer’s career.

Now, the audience is pretty much excited about this series. The actors or the storyline itself is quite fresh in comparison to the other web series out there. So, what is the release date of Bajao Season 2? To know more about this, please stay tuned and read our article below.

Bajao Season 2: Are We Getting A New Installment?

The exciting series Bajao was released on 25th August 2023. When the studio released the official trailer of Bajao, it got an outstanding number of views on YouTube. Clearly, the fans loved this idea of bringing up such a cool story. As of now, Bajao Season 1 is here. If you look at various entertainment portals, Bajao is trending in all of them. Everyone is talking about the series nowadays. A lot of the fans are eagerly waiting for a new sequel. They are speculating about another season of this web series. 

So, when are we getting Bajao Season 2? What can be the story and release date of the new season? Now, in this article, we will talk about the story of this web series. But before that, let us address this issue first. Right now, there is no official news regarding Bajao Season 2. Neither we know about a new plot, nor about the release date of a new season. Look, it is true that Indian web series usually have sequels. There is even season 3 of some of them.

But in this case, the makers have released something that’s quite experimental. They have experienced people on their team as well as new and popular faces from the music and TV industry. So, before focusing on a new season, they will definitely look at how the audience perceives the story. The creators and the studio will at first look at the viewership and reviews of the viewers. If they are good, then it’s definitely a green signal for a second installment. But right now, there is no official news regarding Bajao Season 2. Let us now take a look at the storyline.

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Bajao Season 1: Watch It or Skip It?

As you all know, Bajao tells us the story of three close friends. Ved, Cookie, and Dhari are the trio who are frustrated with their ordinary lives and excessive workloads. While Cookie and Ved manage talents for a record company, Dhari has to manage his sales job at a credit card organization. All of them are just done with their professions. The trio are close to getting totally insane until one day, they arrive at a conclusion. They devised a plan to win at life.

All of them started a music production company. It was already Ved’s dream to be a music director. So, the three of them find an old artist, Babbar. Babbar was an OG artist in the field of Punjabi pop music. They convince Babbar to come out of his retirement and start making music again. After a lot of talks, Babbar agrees to make his return. Ved’s dream will finally come true – but now, the twist in their story starts to happen.

Suddenly, Babbar goes missing. And his dad, Dharam Singh sends his men to search for his son. Can Ved, Cookie, and Dhaari relaunch Babbar’s lost music career? To know this, you have to watch the series. Although there are some controversies regarding one of the characters of this series, it has not affected the viewership yet. Some people have even found similarities between Babbar and Yo Yo Honey Singh. Some of them even called this film a copy of Hangover. According to a part of the audience, this film is based on his life. But one of the actors, Sahil Khattar has appeared before the media and nullified these types of rumors.

Team Behind Bajao Season 1: Cast and Crew

The famous Indian rapper Raftaar plays the role of our Punjabi pop music artist Babbar. Veteran actor Rajesh Sharma plays Dharam Singh, Babbar’s protective father. Other notable cast members include Sahil Khattar, Sahil Vaid, Mahira Sharma, Monalisa, Tanuj Virwani, Nitesh Pandey, Indresh Malik, and Liliput Farooqui.

This musical comedy-drama is directed by Saptaraj Chakraborty and Shiva Varma. As of now, Bajao Season 1 has 3 episodes. If you want to watch this series, you can watch it on JioCinema by clicking here.

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