Fuh Se Fantasy Season 3: When Is The Show Coming Back?

We live in modern times. These days, people are getting comfortable to show their desires or talk about their views. Be it intimate desires or be it fetishes – we can talk about these a bit freely, if not fully. Fuh Se Fantasy is a web series that has different stories – each story talks about the most hidden desires of people.

The series shows a handful of situations. We have often imagined these or fantasized about them at least once in our lives. Be it a one-night stand with a girl or some steamy intimate moments with a colleague inside the elevator – the series takes us through an exciting journey. In this ride of fantasies, you will love to see how creative this show becomes. If you are above 18 years of age, you can view each episode of Fuh Se Fantasy.

Recently, we have had the second season of this show. The audience now wants to know about a third season. When is Fuh Se Fantasy Season 3 coming? In this article, we will talk more about this series. But before that, I will explore the possibilities of a new season.

Fuh Se Fantasy Season 3: Are We Getting The New Season?

Whenever creators publish a series, they have certain things in mind. Among every other thing, the first one that comes to their mind is views. If your series does not have enough viewership, then it automatically puts up a challenge for you and your team. This, in my view, is more important than critical views. Critics will always look at exclusive points and values of the story. 

But, what matters the most is the views of common people. Because they are the ones who actually watch these series’ the most. Fuh Se Fantasy brings out the hidden desires, the naughty thoughts inside the minds of people. This is a big reason for the popularity of this series. Now, fans are intrigued to know about a new season. So, when are we getting Fuh Se Fantasy Season 3? What are the release dates of the new season? 

Let me answer you. There is no official news regarding Fuh Se Fantasy Season 3. We now have only 4 episodes of Season 2. Unless the season is over, the makers will not be able to understand if we have loved the season or not. Unless they understand our point of view, they will probably wait before any announcement. But, looking at the huge fame, I think there might be another season. This time, there might be hotter storylines and steamier scenes. But these are all speculations. There is no news regarding cancellation or renewal.

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Fuh Se Fantasy: What Type Of Stories We Get

As you read before, this show is a series of stories that takes us through a journey of emotions. For example, let us look at the story of Rhea. She is going through a lot. Recently, Rhea has ended her relationship with her boyfriend. Since it was a long story, she needed a change desperately. So, she has come to a hill station to spend some days away from the din and bustle. Here, she meets Sahir. His profession is making pastries. The guy is in his middle age, Rhea is pretty young in comparison to him. But, as days pass, Rhea starts to feel for Sahir. She starts to have limitless desires for his body.

On the other hand, we also get the story of Mihir – he is struggling to get a good salary. His girlfriend betrays him and breaks his heart after staying with him for 8 years. Now, his mother forces him to marry a girl called Sapna. In the course of time, Mihir meets her. The duo starts spending time and soon, Mihir falls for her. Mihir now wants to marry Sapna. They spend an unholy and steamy night exploring each other. But in the morning, Mihir could not find her anymore. Gradually, he came to know that it wasn’t Sapna, but Alia.

She was the neighborhood girl who always had a crush on him. So before getting married, Alia wanted to be intimate with Mihir for one last time. Love, lust, and desires – they get blended and intertwined in such a manner that a lot of times, they feel relatable. There are surprises, mature content, and heartwarming exchanges at every corner of the stories. 

Team Of Fuh Se Fantasy: Where To Watch It?

The show has a huge cast. To date, the makers have released 2 seasons, that’s why. The cast members involved are Bidita Bag, Woo-hee Chun, Anupriya Goenka, Gaurav Pandey, Hitesh Arora, Palak Singh, Priya Banerjee, Manjari Fadnnis, Naveen Kasturia, Plabita Borthakur, Sheetal Thakur, Aayushi Jaiswal, Anshuman Malhotra and Madhurima Roy.

All the episodes of this show are available on JioCinema. Unless Fuh Se Fantasy Season 3 arrives, you can watch Seasons 1 and 2 by clicking here.

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