As If Love Doesn’t Exist Chapter 11 Release Date: When Can We Expect Siyeon To Make A Comeback? What All Complications In Her Love Life Can We Expect To Witness Further?

Romantic manga series are loved by all manga fans. There is an increasing demand for these manga series nowadays. Naver and Webtoon are two famous platforms for these manga series. They have always given readers the best manga series. One such popular romantic manga series we will talk about is “As if love doesn’t exist”. It is a manga series that has been created by Carbo and the illustrations are done by Kim Sujin. There have been ten chapters of this series till now. Now fans all over the world who have already read the ten chapters are waiting for chapter 11. They all have the same query regarding As if Love Doesn’t Exist chapter 11 release date. In this article, we will tell you about the release date of chapter 11.

As If Love Doesn’t Exist Chapter 11 Release Date

Now the date for the release of chapter 11 has been made official by the publishers and writers that this chapter will be released on 27 August 2023. It will be released in different regions at different times. So fans who have been waiting for this chapter all over the world should know the timing of their region. Now, this series can be read on two famous platforms. These platforms are Naver and Webtoon respectively. Fans who want an English translation of the chapters should go to Webtoon. Whereas fans who wish to read the Raw series can visit Naver. All the chapters of this series are present on these two platforms. Also, all the new chapters will be available on these platforms only.

As If Love Doesn’t Exist Chapter 10 Release Date And Recapitulation

In this chapter, the story focuses on Siyeon whose life completely changes. There are many challenges which this lady has faced at one time. She got to know that her parents are not her biological parents. Also, her fiance and best friend are in a relationship. And she is also having financial problems in her business. After all these things she leaves her home.

Siyeon meets Jihwan on her path to a new beginning. Now Jihwan is a mysterious man who has come across in her journey. They both then have a conversation in which Siyeon tells her wish to live independently. She tells how she has been restricted by all the problems and issues she has for now. Jihwan gives his suggestion of finding a new home. But also he warns her that it will lead to loneliness and also many risks are associated with it. Then Siyeon asked Jihwan about his relationship and bonds with his family. But Jihwan didn’t answer her question.

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Further Elaboration On Chapter 10

He tells her to find an honest and trustworthy roommate. Jihwan also says that he has no family or friends but he is happy living alone. According to him love and ties are just a mere illusion and are never present in real life. He is living alone and has no connection with other people. So he only focuses on himself and his work. But to this Siyeon questions whether he is really happy without any relationship or bonds. Also, she asks him about his past and his crush.

Jihwan didn’t have any feelings of love and relationship, instead, he was happy without those. But Siyeon argues with him and says that love is a very beautiful thing. She still is in love with her fiance according to Jihwan and this surprises him. But later he knows that it is he who Siyeon loves now. Hearing this, Jihwan also gets some feelings in his heart. Now fans are waiting to know what will happen ahead in this story.

As If Love Doesn’t Exist: About The Plot

It is a story about Siyeon who is the lead character of this series. Now she has faced many difficulties and challenges in her life including her family, business, and relationships. And she sets her journey in search of her new life. On this journey, she will know more about life and herself. This journey throws her back ten years and now she has a chance to change her future. Besides every difficulty, Siyeon has to face the harsh realities of this second chance of life.

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