My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Release Date: When Can We Expect A Comeback By Toga And Uraraka? Let’s Find Out The Release Date And Story!

There are many popular manga series which can be read by readers. One such popular manga series is “My Hero Academia “. There are already 397 chapters of this series and now the next chapter is going to be released. Fans are eagerly waiting for the news of My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Release Date. We have covered it all in this article so read this article fully. All chapters of the series are available on Viz media and the new chapter will also get released on this platform. This chapter of the series will be more enjoyable and exciting than all other chapters. So let’s see when this awaited chapter of the manga series gets released.

My Hero Academia Chapter 398 Release Date

This chapter of the famous manga series will be released on 27 August 2023. Fans who were waiting for this news can now set the countdown. Finally, the wait is over and now fans can know what will happen next in the story. This chapter will be released at different times in different zones. So whoever wants to read this chapter has to see the time for its release. Now another big question is what will happen next? However, there is no confirmed news but some spoilers have been leaked. One of the spoilers says that it will be about Deku and his new skills. We can read ahead in the story about the change in Deku’s skills and what effect it had on his body.

Another assumption can be made that the story will be All for one who is the main enemy character. We can read that he breaks out of the Tartarus jail. If he escapes then it will be a major threat for the heroes and the common people. We can also witness the journey of Todoroki and Bakugo to become heroes. They are best friends of Deku and we can expect them in this chapter. Now in this chapter, they may be seen learning and increasing their skills. This can be so that they can be with Deku and help him fight the enemies. Also, other characters can be shown in this chapter like Hawks and Endeavor. As their conflicts have not yet been resolved.

Each chapter of this series has been loved by the readers. These chapters have always kept readers on the edge of their seats. All the chapters of the series are very exciting and interesting. So such things can be expected from this chapter.

 Chapter 398: About Raw Scan Release Date

Raw scans of the chapters always start to circulate three to four days before the original release date. So fans can expect the raw scans of this chapter to be released on 24 August 2023. These raw scans can be found on the internet communities like Reddit and 4chan. So whoever is waiting for the release of raw scans can get it on 24 August on these platforms. These platforms have the raw scans of all the chapters of this series.

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Recap Of Chapter 397

In this chapter, Toga is seen rushing forward to help Uraraka. Uraraka has several injuries and is also bleeding. Now Toga knows that aid will take time to arrive so she gives her own blood to the injured hero. She gave her life to save the hero Uraraka. So now this manga series will be showing the fight between All Might and All For One. We can also expect the next chapter showing Deku who is pitted against Shigaraki. But till the chapter doesn’t release we all can only expect. Also, fans are eagerly waiting to see the clash between All Might and All For One. So whatever will happen in the next chapter will not disappoint readers. Also, the story of this series is very interesting with humans possessing powers. So it is an exciting manga series that will never bore the readers.

One can read this chapter and the upcoming chapters on Viz media. This is one of the leading publishers of manga series and has all the chapters of this manga series also. So if you are an old fan or want to start reading manga series then this is the platform for you.

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