Is The System (2022) Based On A True Story? Does It Portray A Real Immate’s Prison Experience?

Shot in Mississippi, a town that possesses a rich history of combating racism, slavery and survival, The System delves into several complex issues. Directed by Dallas Jackson, The System is an adventurous mystery thriller set in a prison backdrop. Several films and series such as Sintonia have been exploring the murky criminal world. But The System alters its narrative to better demonstrate the true atrocity of the illicit culprits. It doesn’t shy away from portraying bloodbaths, street wars and bloodthirsty inmates residing in Mississippi’s general facility.

It is due to the film’s focus on crime syndicates, corruption and political warfare that The System is perceived to be a true story. If you are one of those fans, who are curious to find the answer to the eponymous question, here is your chance!

Is The System (2022) Based On A True Story?

When Fast and Furious’ Tyrese Gibson, Crash’s Terrence Howard and Entourage’s Jeremy Piven join forces, The System is manifested. This star-studded cast ensemble possesses proven experience in bringing forward high-octane films. They have certainly utilized their skills to the brim in this action flick, too. Revolving around the life story of a circumstantially challenged father, Terry Savage (Tyrese Gibbon), the film delves into the dark corners of a private prison. It portrays a survival struggle dipped in a thick coating of betrayal and conspiracies.

It is due to these realistic elements and Savage’s relatable character that this action drama is alleged of being inspired by a true story. However, despite the intense elements portrayed by the film, The System is not based on a true story. It is entirely a piece of fiction helmed by the writer and director, Dallas Jackson who is inspired by two heart-wrenching articles.

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The System Is Inspired By Two Articles

The System is discerned to be an authentic tale of a father’s struggle to salvage his medically ill daughter. His desperation leads him to the dark chambers of crime in which he loses his sanity and resorts to selling drugs. However, the system soon gets ahold of Savage. But instead of convicting him for carrying out a drug trafficking ring, he is put at the centre of the prison. Aside from embracing the well-rehearsed dramatic tropes, the film also incorporates some unique elements to appeal to a broader audience.

These unique elements seem to have roots in real life due to their inspiration. In an interview, Dallas opened up about the inspiration for the movie. He mentioned that he got “sent an article about prisoners being made to fight to the death in an upstate New York prison.” After reading the article Jackson was inspired to conjure a film centred around the criminals and explore their mindset.

After receiving another article about a tri-prison system in Texas, Jackson blended his two ideas and breathed life into The System. The film might not entirely be backed by facts. Neither it is inspired by a real story but it certainly incorporates a storyline based on real-life scenarios.

The System Deals With Real-Life Issues

And it is due to the ability of Dallas to portray these issues that his film is being hailed as a fresh take on the cliche genre. After reading those two nerve-wracking articles, Jackson embarked on a journey to shed light on the unexplored aspects of the corrupt system. While the film doesn’t actively express empathy towards prisoners or criminals in general, it tries to stress the fact that not every prisoner has committed a crime for himself.

Some helpless fathers, who have to support their medically ill daughters, resort to crime for capital, nothing else. Though the film refrains from criticizing or favouring such scenarios, it certainly doesn’t shy away from unearthing issues like slavery and racism. And it is due to this boldness of Jackson’s The System that, despite not being a true story, the film holds the potential to enamour the audience.

Is The System (2022) Based On A True Story?–FAQS

1. What Is The System Film About?

It is a crime drama thriller centred around a drug dealer who is offered the choice to either help the system or endure a trial.

2. Who Is The Creator Of The System Film?

The movie is written and directed by Dallas Jackson.

3. Is The System Adapted From A Novel?

No, it is not adapted from a novel.

4. Is The System (2022) Based On A True Story?

No, it is not based on a true story.

5. Is A Trailer Available For The System?

Yes, there is a trailer available for the film.

6. Where To Watch The System Online?

You can stream the film online on Prime Video.

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