Behind Your Touch Episode 4 Release Date: Is The Popular Television Series All Set For Its Fourth Instalment?

If you are bored of the random and cringe love stories and drama, it’s time for you to head straight to KDramas. Behind Your Touch is one such Korean Drama which will surely keep you hooked throughout the story. The success of the show can be known and proved by the show being such a hit within a month. Even after broadcasting for the first time recently in August, fans have been waiting for the next episode. In this article, you will find all the information on the Behind Your Touch Episode 4 Release Date. So keep on reading to find the answers to all your queries.

Behind Your Touch Episode 4 Release Date

Behind Your Touch is known as one of the most popular programs to be shown on South Korean television. This show was originally broadcast on August 12, 2023. To accommodate the tremendous popularity of this show since its release only a few episodes ago, a new season of the show has been added.

As much as we have all been waiting for this first season of Behind Your Touch, it has finally begun airing its first episodes after much anticipation. Behind Your Touch Season 1 Episode 4, which is an upcoming episode of the show, has already been receiving a lot of positive feedback from viewers. They are also looking forward to watching it and can’t wait for the next episode. So how soon will Episode 4 be released? Well, the date is finally out. It is going to be 20th of August, 2023.

Behind Your Touch Episode 4: Expected Storyline

The fourth episode of Season 1 of Behind Your Touch will air on August 20, 2023, as previously mentioned. Since the airing of the last episode of the show, fans of the series have eagerly anticipated the premiere of Episode 4. Behind Your Touch Season, 1’s concluding episode has fans anxiously awaiting the upcoming episodes. This was the interest and curiosity of the fans to find out what was going to occur next. The fact that so many people have spent time looking for Behind Your Touch Season 1 Episode 4 is likely a consequence of this.

For the next episode, the story shall continue from the preceding one. A veteran from a tiny town with a very unique psychic ability, Bong Ye-boon. She may discover information about an individual or animals by caressing them on the posterior.  Detective Moon Jang-Yeol has been dismissed to the crime office in her village. But she is anxious to return to his former position in the large city, causing havoc in her life. To crack cases and speed up his transfer from Tokyo to Seoul, the detective exploits Ye-boon’s abilities. However, Ye-boon is intrigued when Kim Sun-woo, another man, appears in his hamlet. The next episode as well is going to be a hugely appreciated one. So save the dates and give it a watch!

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Behind Your Touch: Backstory

As Lee Sang-Yeob embodies the character of a cunning sports agent who possesses a systematic and cool demeanour, we are introduced to him. The show stars Lee Sang-Yeob in the lead role. There is no doubt that he has a lot of expertise in bringing exceptionally talented athletes to the world of sports. This is done by him in such a way that he can quickly take advantage of their abilities. Even before they experience burnout as a result of their efforts. The baseball pitcher Kim Tae-Young represents stands out from the rest of the people he represents. Thanks to the skills that he possesses which help him occupy an important place in his world because he is someone he respects.

The story revolves around these circumstances and characters throughout. The complexities and topsy-turvy turns which are taken in each segment are indeed marvellous. This is the reason behind the engrossing and entertaining story and reaction by the viewers as well/.

Behind Your Touch: Total Episodes

16 compelling episodes of “Behind Your Touch” will tell the story as it develops, providing a large canvas on which to do it. The audience will be transported to a universe filled with exquisite details. This is a compelling plotline and also keeps the attention and interest of the fans intact. Thanks to each episode’s planned run time of 70 minutes.

With this format, the producers have plenty of room to explore complex character arcs, surprising turns, and subtle thematic undertones. A greater degree of immersion is made possible by the longer run times of each episode, allowing for a thorough examination of the layers of the story. The audience should expect a more profound bond with each character and an improved understanding of the complexities of the plot as a result.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When Is Behind Your Touch Episode 4 Releasing?

Behind Your Touch, Episode 4 is Releasing on the 20th Of August, 2023.

2. When Is Behind Your Touch Episode 3 Releasing?

Behind Your Touch, Episode 3 is Releasing on the 19th Of August, 2023.

3. When Did Behind Your Touch Premiere?

Behind Your Touch Premiered on the 12th Of August, 2023.

4. Where To Watch Behind Your Touch In India?

Behind Your Touch is available for streaming on Netflix in India.

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