Is Cobweb Based On A True Story? Exploring The Exceptional Plot And Unravelling Truth Behind It!

There are a lot of movies with real stories in its plot and people love them. These movies get higher views and likes than the fictional ones. One of the major reasons behind this is that it connects with the viewers more. One who watches a movie that is based on a real story feels more attached to the story and characters. So today we are going to talk about the horror thriller movie titled “Cobweb“. Now after watching the movie people have questions in their heads about its authenticity. Is Cobweb Based on a Real Story? This is the question you will ask after watching the movie. And many people already have the question. In this article, we will talk about this movie and give the answer to this question. Read this article fully to get all the information about the movie and its authenticity.

Is Cobweb Based On A True Story?

Unfortunately, this movie doesn’t show anything which has happened for real. It is not a movie that has a real story behind the movie’s plot. All the events, incidents, and characters shown are fictional and nothing is for real. This movie is written by Chris Devlin and directed by Samuel Bodin. According to the director, this movie was waiting to be produced on the blacklist. The plot of this movie has been loved by many people and it has been liked by a major crowd. Although the movie doesn’t show anything for real, there are some scenes that are relevant in the real world. This movie is a horror thriller but also it emphasizes trauma and child abuse. Also, the element of negligence does the job of making this film based on a real event. So this movie is completely based on fiction but there are issues shown in the movie. These issues are relatable to the real world and so the viewers think this movie to be based on a real story.

Cobweb: About The Movie

This is the story of Peter who is an eight-year-old boy and the lead character of this movie. Now he gets some strange voice behind the walls of his house. Upon telling this to his parents, he only gets rejection. His parents think that it is his imagination and due to that, he is hearing voices. But little did they know that there was really something behind the walls. Soon the reality comes in front of them and they get to know the identity behind the voices. They get scared as hell after finding the truth. It is the time when the dark secrets of this family come out. After the past stands in front of them, the game of blood begins.

The only person who worried about Peter was his school teacher Miss Devine. Apparently, she too gets into this mess and now is attached to this. This is the story of the movie and the incidents shown in the movie make people feel that it is for real. Also, the cast members have done their job quite well. They have shown their acting skills and made the movie so popular and interesting. Cast members include Antony Starr, Lizzy Caplan, Woody Norman, Cleopatra Coleman, and so on. These actors have done many great films earlier and also now they have shown their potential.

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How Did It End?

We can see in the end that Sarah is unable to escape the exile. However, she tries in the whole movie to manipulate Peter and make him believe that she is her sister. Also, Peter believes everything as he is alone. In the end, we see that now Peter has killed his family so he believes himself to be like his sister. Now he thinks he has killed his parents.

He has guilt and pain left inside himself. So it won’t be possible to take Sarah out of his mind now. This incident has impacted his mind very harshly and now there is no going back. Peter is now more alone and he believes he has done everything. So Sarah is still in the cage but always present in Peter’s mind. This movie has such a beautiful script and screenplay that everyone should watch it. Also, the movie may look like a real story to anyone but it is just a work of fiction and wonderful writing.

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