She Would Never Know Season 2 Release Date: Is There Going To Be A Sequel?

Ever wondered how complicated love triangles can be but at the same time so beautiful that it has successfully grabbed the attention of millions of viewers? ‘She Would Never Know’ is one such critical drama that premiered in the year 2021. With the first s

The season itself, the makers and the cast have successfully drawn the attention of its viewers and made a very strong fan base who cannot keep calm hearing the news of a sequel coming soon.

Well if you are wondering if it is an ordinary love triangle then you must be mistaken. With an extremely turvy topsy journey in the plotline, the K Drama Has been called a very different and unique one. Let’s dive into the article and know more about the release of a sequel!

She Would Never Know Season 2 Release Date

The fans of She Would Never Know have been waiting for a sequel since the end of the very first since 2021. It is 2023 already and we have no news of renewal till now. It is nothing surprising that the fan base of She Would Never Know is extremely curious to hear about the next season. The love and affection gained by the first season is unfathomable and the viewers cannot keep calm. They are hoping for the next season to come on air as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, there has been no such official declaration of a sequel as of now. Although the fans are gonna feel a little disheartened by the truth, it has to be spoken. Most of the K dramas do not come up with a sequel. The reason behind it is to keep the charm and craze of the first and original season.

In conclusion, if we talk about making the sequel of She Would Never Know, there has been no such official declaration about the same and it is quite unlikely to happen. The answer to this big question is still not confirmed but we can still hope that the makers do not disappoint its fans and come up with the next season as soon as possible. Till then you always have the choice to go and watch the first season and keep yourself entertained.

She Would Never Know Season 1: Plotline

The Plotline of the first season of she would never know is something which will surely take you to a different world and make you completely engrossed in it. K dramas have always been a ‘go-to’ and a refuge for the youth. She would never know, no doubt tops the list! The story revolves around a love triangle created between the leading casts. 

The sets of the series mostly include an office area in which the marketers are seen to be falling in love. The love story created between the characters will surely take you to a different world. 

Fans have already chosen their teams to stan for their favourite characters. If you haven’t watched the first season yet, go watch it and start shipping and routine for your favourite couple.

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She Would Never Know Season 1: Cast

The leading spot of the first season of she would never know includes Chae Hyun- Seung played by Rowoon, Lee Joo Bin playing the role of Lee Hyo Joo, Yoon Song- played by Jin-ah and Lee Jae Shin role by Lee Hyun Wook. We can expect the same leading roles in the second season as well if we get the chance to watch the sequel of the Kdrama.

Few of the supporting roles can be seen to make an entry in the second season as well. However, a few new faces can also be expected to bring a distinct change and dimension to the sequel.

Platform To Watch She Would Never Know 

Since there has been no official declaration About the renewal of the KDrama series, not much can be said about the sequel. However, if you are a newbie here and are astonished by the fan base and the big craze about KDrama, you can find it on Netflix. It surely won’t be a disappointment.

The positive reviews on the first season have been in itself a big witness and guarantee of it be a big hit. She Would Never Know Season 1 will surely keep you engrossed and glued to the edge of your seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When was the first season of the show, She Would Never Know on air?

The first season of the show was on air in 2021.

2. Where to watch the first season of She Would Never Know?

The first season is available on Netflix.

3. Who are the main cast of Season 1 of She Would Never Know?

The main cast of the show involves Rowoon as Chae Hyun-Seung, Jin-ah as Yoon Song-an, Lee Joo Bin as Lee Hyo Joo, Lee Hyun Wook as Lee Jae Shin, Wang Bit Na as Chae Ji Seung and Lee Kyu Han as Lee Jae Woon. 

4. What is the genre of She Would Never Know?

The story of the show is an office romance.

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