Who Are You: School Season 2 Release Date: Is The Twin Tale All Set For A Comeback?

Kdramas have always been successful in luring audiences. Are you a hopeless romantic and love watching rom-coms or any such cute love stories which are interesting and not cringe? Kdramas will always be the best option to pick from! 

Who Are You: School is one such Kdrama which is absolutely simple to understand yet engrossing for the audiences. Haven’t watched it yet? You shall definitely give it a watch! Till then let’s look into the release date of the sequel and other details.

Who Are You: School Season 2 Release Date

The first episode of the first season was on air in the year 2015. Quite a long time and there has been no such news about a sequel so far. The show had a total of about 16 episodes and the happy ending made it quite obvious for the makers as well as the viewers not to come up with and get a chance to watch the next season respectively. 

Still, we can hope the minds of the makers will change sometime in the near future and they plan to come up with a new season. Till then it has to be accepted that we won’t be getting an opportunity to see the love stories brewing in this television series again.

Who Are You: School Season 2: Expected Cast

If you’re a Kdrama fan, Kim So- hyun must not be a new name for you. Well, she is the lead female actor in the television series who has done a commendable job in it. Her younger role is played by Kang Ji-woo. The name of the character in the television series is Lee Eun-bi. Spoiler Alert! It’s important to know that Lee Eun- bi has an identical twin in the television series who is Go Eun- byul. 

The lead male role in the television series is played by Nam Joo- hyuk who is seen as Han Yi- an. Since there were two sisters, you must have already got an idea of two love stories, hence the other lead male role is played by Yook Sung- Jae.

The television series also shows many supporting actors who have done an extremely great job and have been a big reason behind the success. The same lead roles may be expected in the sequel as well while we might get an opportunity to see a few new faces to keep the charm uptight!

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Who Are You: School Season 1: Plotline

The story is a typical teenage love story. It revolves around the lives of two identical twins who are separated at a very young age. One lives in a world of struggle and limitations, caged inside an orphanage while the other is as wild and free as possible. Even after so, the former is the one who is more bubbly and adjustable than the latter. 

The complete 180-degree difference in the lives of the two sisters is something of interest. The one living in a well-to-do family and brought up like a princess. She is also the most popular girl in school while the other Eun- Bi is harassed and bullied all over her school. 

The television series turns out to be more intense and engrossing when the brewing love stories between Eun- byul and her childhood friend who had a major crush on her are shown. On the other side, the other sister finds her love in Tae- Kwang. 

Who Are You: School Season 1: Review

Although the television series has been in the headlines for a very long time, it did not do as well and was not engrossing as expected. The storyline has been stated to be extremely predictable and cringy by critics. It was called to be very similar to other mediocre teenage love stories. The critics were however not completely wrong in stating that. Even after receiving such hard and negative feedback from the critics it has been the talk of the town in the teenage world. The teenagers loved the plot and considered the series to be extremely interesting and relatable. If you want to give it a try by watching it, you definitely should. It is a one-time watch kind of a series and hence won’t be a disappointment as such. A little dose of a cute love story would be served to you in this television series.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When did the first episode of the first season of Who Are You: School released?

The first episode of the first season was on air in the year 2015, on April 27th.

2. Who are the lead roles in Who Are You: School?

The lead roles include Kim So-Hyun, Nam Joo-hyuk, and Yook Sung-jae.

3. When did the last episode of the first season of Who Are You: School released?

The last episode of the first season was on air on June 16, 2015.

4. What is the genre of Who Are You: School?

Who Are You: School is a teen love story and also involves mystery.

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