Who is Greg Laurie’s Mother? Personal Information About The Young Pastor

On 24th February 2023 Netflix released a film titled Jesus Revolution. The young pastor, Greg Laurie is the main protagonist of the entire film. The film is based on true incidents that occurred in Southern California during the 1970s. The Christian revolution that was started in the southern part of the state back in the day has been captured in the story of the film. We have come to know about Greg Laurie, but what about his mother? If you are willing to know about the mother of Greg Laurie, you will have to go through this piece of information.

Who Is Greg Laurie’s Mother?

The name of Greg Laurie’s mother is Charlene McDaniel. Charlene McDaniel had an interesting life if you ask me. She was born in 1929 into a Christian household. While her family members were devout followers of Christianity, Charlene never felt a connection with God until the later periods of her life. McDaniel’s life was full of ups and downs. I believe she found God at an extremely late stage of her life. Had she found God earlier, she could have been at ease.

The story of Charlene McDaniel has been shared by her son Greg Laurie. While Greg Laurie found his way to God at an early stage of life, his mother did not. Perhaps he saw the sufferings of his mother and decided to take the path of God ultimately. Before finding God, Charlene had a “wild” life if you would like to call it so. She had been in several relationships that literally broke and made her. Every time she failed in a relationship, she grew even wilder than before. This tendency of hers brought several problems into her life.

Greg Laurie has told that while he was seeing his mother have several relationships, he knew that he had to mature earlier than other kids who were of his age. He wanted to be by his mother’s side till the very end, but sometimes that appeared difficult to him. Probably, Greg never understood what his mother desired. It is difficult to comprehend a person like Charlene McDaniel who was so outrageous in her methods. Nevertheless, as has been mentioned before, it is partly due to his mother that we found Greg Laurie as one of the greatest pastors.

Charlene McDaniel’s Tumultuous Life

Charlene McDaniel indeed had a tumultuous life. Whenever she got married, she was never satisfied in her marriage. She always divorced her husbands because of one reason or the other. McDaniel always had a reason ready with herself. Most of the time, she wanted to end the marriage because it was not what she desired. Therefore, she got married seven times in her life. Meanwhile, she also had flings with other men. It might be possible that she was in several relationships at the same time.

McDaniel was not exactly promiscuous if you want to know this. Yes, she had children and Greg is one of them, but sleeping was not the exact reason why she got married. Perhaps she wanted to find something else in the marriages that she had but she never got. At one point in time, McDaniel was married to Bill Edmondson. Greg Laurie is the son of Oscar Laurie and Charlene McDaniel. She also went through a failed childbirth (the baby was born dead) which led to a huge change in her life. Hence, all these incidents led to the tumultuous life of Charlene McDaniel.

Charlene McDaniel Final Days

Before the final days of McDaniel, she suffered a terrible accident. It was after this accident that she started to believe in God. Her faith in God was restored after this incident. She started to understand God more because her son had been on the same path for a long time by then. She had several talks with her son regarding the matter of God.

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During her final days, she suffered kidney failure which strengthened her faith in God. Towards the end of life, Charlene McDaniel was also walking on the path of God. She started to attend Church and other religious ceremonies. It can be concluded that even though Charlene McDaniel had a tumultuous life, she ultimately found God and was in safe hands when she passed away.

Jesus Revolution Streaming Platform

If you want to watch the film Jesus Revolution, you can watch it on Netflix. However, you need to have a subscription to the platform before watching the film.

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