Where Are Veerappan Gang Members Now? Are They Alive?

If you like to watch South Indian movies, you must know about Pushpaa. In the movie where we saw a thug who lives like a king. He has his own area in the forest where he smuggles sandalwood – he is so vicious that he will remove anyone who stands in his path. Of course, Pushpa is not based on a real-life character, but there used to be someone like this. Rather, more dangerous than Pushpaa. His name is Veerappan. 

Veerappan was a symbol of horror. In the southern part of India, like Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, Veerappan was a symbol of horror. He and his gang members were a sign of terrorism. Back in the day, there were multiple instances where Veerappan and his gang kidnapped some of the biggest politicians of that time. Apart from all these, Veerappan was a wanted criminal for poaching wild animals and illegally selling rare sandalwood from the forests. South India has suffered for more than three decades due to the violent acts put by Veerappan’s gang.

Finally, on 18th October 2004, after struggling and fighting for so many years, the police tracked the gang. The authorities killed Veerappan and most of his gang, but due to legal loopholes, three of the members escaped. They are still living away from society perhaps. So, where are Veerappan Gang members? What are they doing now? To know more regarding this matter, please read our article below.

Where Are Veerappan Gang Members Now? Let’s Find Out

Veerappan could not continue his activities after a certain time. Intelligence officers, forest rangers, and task forces were all behind him for thirty years. Day by day, his activities were getting limited and on September 2004, everything was over. The Tamil Nadu Task Force killed Veerappan. Sources say that before his death, Veerappan ordered three close members to surrender to the police. KM Govindan, Anburaj, and Mahalingam along with some other members surrendered.

Although they might think that they would get amnesty, due to their involvement with crime for such a long, all of them faced trial in court. Every one of them got punished and had to stay in jail. But what are their whereabouts? Where are Veerappan gang members now? Govindan and Mahalingam stay away from society after their release. Anburaj runs a grocery market in Kazuthapali with his wife Revathi, who was a fellow prisoner. After they were arrested in 1990, every gang member was sentenced to prison. Veerappan and his infamous gang killed more than 90 police officers and forest guards.

The punishments were increased after the court found out that Veerappan and his gang members killed 900 elephants for poaching their teeth. Somehow, Govindan and Malingam earned their freedom – after coming out from prison, they are now living a quiet life in South India. Anburaj was the youngest prisoner. Soon after his arrest, Anburaj started group theatre in prison. There he met Revathi. The two fell for each other and used to talk by writing and passing letters. Finally, they married and had a child in prison. The State decided to release both of them after 2015.

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Story Of The Trio Who Remains: Govindan, Mahalingam And Anburaj

Netflix subscribers had seen a new series popping up on their watchlist. The 2023 thriller series, The Hunt For Veerappan, shows us the rise and fall of the infamous Robin Hood of South India. Among the huge number of people who enrolled in the gang, three prominent members are known – Anburaj, KM Govindan, and Mahalingam. Among the three, Anburaj was the youngest in the gang. Mahalingam and Govindan joined the gang when Veerappan was earning lakhs from smuggling sandalwood.

Initially, they were operating over MM forest. They also managed to kill hordes of elephants for their valuable teeth. Together, the two of them were extremely instrumental. The gang could locate every inch of the forests they used to work on. Govindan was an early riser and collected as much sandalwood as he can. Along with Mahalingam, he was an expert in spotting trees. Mahalingam was born and brought up in Gopinathan Village. Being a young boy who was brought up in the village, he knew every corner and secret passage.

Anburaj was the closest to Veerappan. He always had much love for his leader and never left him till the day Veerappan died. Anburaj joined the gang when he was just 20. He has seen how he built an empire, a village within the dense forests with his tactics. Along with other members, they used to worship Veerappan as their king. Veerappan treated members and villagers like his brothers. Due to this, even today, a lot of people call his demise ‘vana kavalam’, since he used to help the poor a lot. According to Anburaj, due to all these activities, the residents of south Indian villages could never open their eyes.

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