Where Is Jeremy Kuria Now? Boy Who Survived A Massacre

Stories of survivors are worth listening they are quite interesting too. Sometimes they are sad but most of the time, they are quite helpful. We get to be aware of situations that we might face and who knows, these stories might save us one day. Jeremy Kuria is one such survivor. He was a member of the family of a mother and two sisters. But that one night, something happened that claimed their lives.

Jeremy was the one alive. He somehow escaped death by inches. We would’ve got a few insights about exactly what happened with them, but Jeremy does not remember it very clearly. All we could figure out was, the family was attacked viciously. Jeremy was sleeping with his cousin Peter Thande. When everyone arrived on the scene, they found the boys in an unconscious state. They had severe head injuries and trauma. The doctors treated both of them with extreme care in the hospital. The whole incident is pretty frightening for every one of us.

Now, the incident happened long ago. Jeremy Kuria is no longer a little boy now. Over the years, he has grown a bit comfortable talking about the attack. The boy from Kenya is a survivor and to this date, he suffers from head trauma. But what are his whereabouts? Where is Jeremy Kuria now? To know more about him, consider reading our article below.

Where Is Jeremy Kuria? Details About The Survivor

On July 2007, Jeremy and Peter planned a cousin’s sleepover party. Now, these are pretty exciting. No matter if you have friends or not, when it’s a family get-together, you will get excited. Peter and Jeremy got together very well and they were close friends. When the day came, Peter visited his house. They were so overjoyed, that the two boys played outside for almost the whole day tirelessly. Their families were happy to see their smiling faces. Everything was going well until tragedy struck. Jeremy Kuria and Peter Thande were the sole survivors of the attack.

But where is Jeremy Kuria now? Is he still alive after the injuries? Let me answer your questions first. Yes. He is alive. Jeremy Kuria is now working at Walmart as an operator. He has graduated from Aquinas High School and now lives in Nairobi. He has a social media platform where he likes to share small details about his personal life and other achievements. Over the years, Jeremy has faced a lot of issues regarding his health and family members. When he grew up, he had a head tumor. 

After a successful operation, the hospital removed it. The doctors were sure that all the head injuries he sustained back in the day, were all behind this. This happened in 2018. In the following year, Jeremy also fights against Elizabeth who took his custody after his mother’s death. Jeremy reported that although Elizabeth acted as a mother, she was never close to that. She always treated him like a parasite and deprived him of finances. The issues were settled in court. Now he is healthy and living a stable life.

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Jeremy Kuria: Early Life, Survival Story And Much More

Jeremy Kuria was a minor young boy who faced the terrible wrath of some attack. His mother moved in with other his sisters to Atlanta after Jeremy’s father died. The new household was just starting. Jeremy’s mother Jane was a hard-working lady. She used to work in the hospital and nursing homes on multiple day and night shifts. With her income, she used to send her children to school and college.

Jeremy was blessed by his sisters and mom. All of them took good care of him in different ways. The boy got the closure he needed from his family. He was having a good time as a child but after 29th July 2007, his life went through a topsy-turvy ride. His cousin Peter came to visit their house with his mother Pauline. The two boys went to sleep early that day but they did not get a good morning after that night. Jeremy’s mother and his sisters died a brutal death. Someone massacred them while they slept.

Pauline was away. She was meant to take Peter a few days back, but didn’t hear anything. She waited for a few days and decided to go for a visit on 31st July. Pauline went there along with Diana. Jane and her two daughters’ bodies were lying there. Jeremy Kuria and Peter were unconsciously lying on their bed and sofa. Just because they slept with pillows and mattresses, they survived the attack. Peter and Jeremy were extremely injured and they were in a coma. Gradually, they healed and over the years, both of them are in a healthy state. You can see the entire case in the Still A Mystery show of Investigation Discovery by clicking here.

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