Where Is Shankar Mahadev Bidari Now? Know The Real Location Of The Valiant Police Officer

Recently India is coming out with several such series and films that are based on true incidents or real-life people. The recent series, The Hunt For Veerappan, was released on 4th August 2023. Since the release of the series people have been having several questions about the IPS, Shankar Mahadev Bidari, involved in the series. Where is Shankar Mahadev Bidari now? If you are also having this question roaming inside your head, you have come to the right place to seek your answers. Here, we are going to discuss the real location of the retired IPS officer.

Where Is Shankar Mahadev Bidari Now?

The name Shankar Mahadev Bidari is known among the people of Karnataka. People consider this retired police officer a hero because during his tenure he had a record of solving the most dangerous cases of all. How did this name suddenly come up? Well, as has been mentioned in the introduction, people started to have questions about the retired IPS officer after the release of the Netflix series, The Hunt For Veerappan. Shankar Mahadev Bidari was the police officer who handled the case of Veerappan all by himself. Where is the police officer now?

Shankar Mahadev Bidari retired in 2012. All his life he stayed in the state of Karnataka where he was born and brought up. He has solved numerous cases in his state that others could not. The retired IPS officer is currently residing in the city of Bangalore. Even after his retirement, the man has not stopped working. Currently, he serves as a consultant in Legal and Management matters. He still uses his experiences to help people out of their issues and problems. Why did Bidari retire early?

Bidari retired early because he was charged with cases of violation of human rights. His case was even taken up by the Supreme Court of India. Although the entire scenario worked out positively for him, ultimately, he took the decision to retire from the police force. Before his retirement, due to the charges pressed against him, the official titles of IGP and DG were taken away from him. Hence, following these incidents that he got tangled up in, he decided that it was time for him to retire from his post. As of now, he is a retired IPS police officer residing with his family in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka.

Involvement Of Shankar Mahadev Bidari In The Veerappan Case

The story of the infamous smuggler Veerappan was spreading like wildfire back in the decade of 90s in South India. This smuggler not only smuggled sandalwood but also elephants’ body parts. He was an elephant poacher as well. Back in the day, he had grown a gang of more than 100 members. This whole gang used to carry out illegal work and used to violate several laws. The entire gang was malicious. Due to Veerappan, many police officers lost their lives.

In 1993 the police department decided to take action against the infamous smuggler and criminal. They appointed Shankar Mahadev Bidari to this case. Bidari was, by that time, already famous for his involvement in solving other criminal cases. The valiant police officer earned respect everywhere. When he was appointed to this case, he took things into his own hands. He managed to rebuild the police force in order to solve the case of Veerappan. Bidari used intense torture methods to seek the truth from the gang members of Veerappan. Under Bidari’s efficient leadership, the police caught most of the gang members. The criminals recieved appropriate punishments.

The Hunt For Veerappan

The Hunt For Veerappan is the new Netflix series that India has launched. I have mentioned before that the series came out on 4th August 2023. This series revolves around the smuggler Veerappan. The series has entirely explored the Veerappan case. How he started his own smuggling racket and his own gang? The series has answered your questions. It has also shown the police officers who were instrumental in the encounter of Veerappan. If you are willing to watch a crime thriller series, I would say that The Hunt For Veerappan is a perfect series for you.

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The Hunt For Veerappan Ratings And Streaming Platform

The series, The Hunt For Veerappan has received a good rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb. Hence, I can conclude that is an amazing series.

The series is available for streaming on Netflix. It is currently one of the Top 10 series in India. If you are willing to watch The Hunt For Veerappan, you need to have a subscription to the said OTT platform.

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