Where Is Martin Tankleff Now? More About The Real-Life Hero

In this dark world, mishaps are sometimes a part of people’s lives. It is unwanted, it is unexpected but at times, it is unavoidable. In that case, justice is the only option. And for that, the court of law is the best place. But sometimes, justice turns a blind eye. And the innocent get punished for something that the person has not even done. When something like this happens, it breaks the person from the very inside. It happened with a man named Martin Tankleff.

Martin Marty Tankleff was wrongfully convicted by the Police. He was in his way with academics but what happened to him in high school was a cruel inhibitor to his journey. Martin Tankleff was going to graduate from high school but then, tragedy struck him hard. In 1988, his parents got murdered. Martin was dealing with grief and was probably going to be better. But he never got the time to recover. He was soon arrested by the Police for murdering his parents. This was one of the biggest known cases of wrongful convictions in the history of mankind. His whole life was in shackles. 

Marty got punished for something he could never even imagine doing. He was sentenced to spend 50 years in prison just based on a loosely knit confession. But eventually, after a long time, he got the justice he deserved. A lot of people are intrigued to know about him. So, where is Martin Tankleff now? If you want to know more about Marty, you can read our article below.

Where Is Martin Tankleff Now? Everything We Could Find Out

Martin Tankleff was only 17 years old when he got arrested by the police. The authorities suspected that Martin was the killer of his parents. Although he was just a teen, somehow, everyone believed that he was an expert. After murdering Arlene and Seymour Tankleff, Martin has managed to clean up. Everything was still going at a slow pace until Detective James McCready arrived on the scene. The police interrogated Martin several times but he always turned up innocent. In a turn of events, the authorities took him into custody and the court sentenced him.

So, where is Martin Tankleff now? Is the man finally free from the wrong conviction? If you are also interested in the same topic, let me tell you. Martin Tankleff is now a member of the US Second Circuit Court from 22nd February 2021. He is also a defense lawyer at Metcalf & Metcalf. When he earned his much-deserved freedom from prison in 2008, Martin Tankleff could breathe freely. He earned a lawyer’s degree from Touro Law School and now he fights for the wrongfully convicted people.

After staying in prison for about 20 years of his life, Martin now has only one mission. He wants to ensure that everybody who is now brought to court should get what they exactly deserve. Many lives are destroyed when someone gets convicted in a faulty manner. He is also a professor and designed a course for undergrad students. Martin Tankleff has a website of his journey too. He is a recognized fighter and the US Government has awarded him with a place in their Supreme Court. Martin owns a car with the number plate named X0NER8ED, suggesting the way he became an exoneree.

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Martin Tankleff: Man Who Did Not Kill The Tankleffs

Marty Tankleff’s swearing in on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Courtesy photo

Martin Tankleff had a pretty normal life. He used to live with his parents in their house on Long Island. But one morning, in 1988, he found them dead. Arlene and Seymour, both of his parents were brutally murdered and repeatedly stabbed. As a 17-year-old boy, Martin was in shock but when the police started an investigation, Martin felt really bad. Everyone was pointing their finger at him as if he is the killer of his parents. 2 years later, Martin Tankleff faced custody. 

Now, if you know something about the police, one thing they do is interrogate repeatedly. From the psychological point of view, it is quite exhausting and frustrating to a point, where you might admit anything just to protect your mental sanity. The same thing happened with Marty. At one time, just for once, he broke down before the officers and admitted that he did the sin. But it was a coerced confession. Usually, these are not acceptable in front of the jury. As a result, they held him guilty.

The court did not even allow him to get parole any time before the year 2040. From that day onwards, Martin hired a team of attorneys to help him get freedom. They put forward pieces of evidence in different hearings. The alleged murder weapon had no blood, and the DNA that was on it was not Martin Tankleff’s. After two-decades-long struggle, finally, Marty could get a hearing in 2007. After a year, he was released. You can listen to his interview in episode 155 of Crime Story by clicking here.

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